ACAUT smells scam in DDPA ‘illegal collection’

ACAUT smells scam in DDPA ‘illegal collection’

Demands refund of Rs 2000 collected from pensioners

Dimapur, March 21: The ACAUT Nagaland has hit out at the Dimapur District Pensioners Association (DDPA) over its alleged “illegal collection” of Rs 2000 from pensioners, equating the DDPA action to that of a scam to siphon off money from senior citizens.
Acting on complaints from pensioners over the illegal collection, the anti-corruption body said it met DDPA on March 20, during which the association reportedly claimed that their organization is voluntary one and that “no one is forced to join, that they were there simply to assist the pensioners.” DDPA claimed the payment of Rs 2000 was purely voluntary by its members since DDPA had hired a financial consultant to tabulate the revised ROP, ACAUT said in a release.
Not satisfied with the explanations of the DDPA, ACAUT said it met senior treasury officer (STO) on Wednesday who said that the treasury department did not receive the Government order or the office memorandum from the finance department but only got it on March 14. The STO also said that it’s the duty of the treasury department to tabulate and disburse the pension and that the neither department nor the government had authorized the DDPA to distribute the forms which was given by the finance department, as the treasury department will be tabulating and distributing the forms.
The STO further said that the outside tabulation of financial assessment and submission by and non-governmental body will not be accepted by the department and the collection of Rs 2000 by DDPA is illegal, ACAUT informed.
After meeting with the DDPA and STO, the ACAUT said it observed serious anomalies and questioned if the Department of Treasury has not authorized the DDPA to distribute the forms in OM of finance department annexure II, then why is the DDPA distributing it? “Is it not the duty of treasury department to tabulate the ROP and disburse the pension, then why is it allowing an NGO to do it right under its nose and in its premises,” it asked.
Assuming that out of the approximately 20,000 pensioners from Dimapur district even if 5000 pensioners have paid Rs 2000 each then it would amount to Rs 1 crore, so where is this money going and why would DDPA need so much money, asked ACAUT. It also questioned why the DDPA giving out the forms to pensioners for Rs 10 per forms when it is supposed to be given out free by the treasury department. It further asked why in other districts there is no such collection as is being done in Dimapur district.
“ACAUT Nagaland is left with no doubt that this collection of Rs 2000 from pensioners is nothing but a scam to siphon off money from our senior citizens which is simply unforgiveable,” it said and demanded the DDPA to immediately refund Rs 2000 collected from pensioners including the Rs 10 for the forms which it had collected illegally.
Further ACAUT appealed to the Finance Commissioner to consider the extra ordinary circumstance of the ROP coinciding with the financial year end, and give more time to rectify and redo the mess and for pensioners to do it with lesser stress. (Page News Service)