Monday, June 21, 2021
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ACAUT shocked at NNPG statement; Demands implementation of HPC report on taxation


Dimapur, November 7: Expressing shock at the way the NNPGs have personally attacked the two leaders of Public Action Committee of Naga Council Dimapur, the ACAUT Nagaland today said that under the leadership of Vekhosayi Nyekha and K Ghokheto Chophy, they have been rendering selfless yeoman service for the most pressing problem of the Naga public, which is unabated and multiple taxation.
“The statement that PAC members and their children having treated the Naga freedom fighters with contempt is uncalled for and a diversionary tactic from the real issue at hand. It is an open secret that most of the high ranking officials of different Naga political groups are living luxurious lifestyle ever since the enforcement of ceasefire,” a press release issued by ACAUT Nagaland stated.
The ACAUT also questioned the Government of India as to why their ration cards are not being sanctioned when guns are given to card-holders under ceasefire ground rules.
It further said it is a common knowledge that under the very nose of surveillance agencies, unabated taxation by various groups has been collected from all government employees themselves.
The PAC members are representatives send by different NGOs and tribal apex bodies so they have the mandate of their respective tribes and organisation, collectively representing the voice of the people in it’s sustained outcry against unabated taxation, it added.
ACAUT further recalled the follow-up of the “Naga Concordant” where the NPGs in principle agreed to the formation of Naga National Government through it’s Lenten Agreement of 2014.
It was eagerly awaited by the public of Nagaland that this would mean “one government one tax” but sadly it could not materialize, it added.
ACAUT Nagaland demanded that the High Powered Commission report on the whole gamut of taxation submitted to the Government of Nagaland in 2016, be implemented as a part of the modalities for solution to unabated taxation.
It should be remembered that the three members Commission headed by HK Sema made an extensive probe, with intrinsic details along with recommendations compiled under oath by the concern stakeholders and groups responsible for taxation, the ACAUT added. (Page News Service)