Monday, July 26, 2021
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ACAUT questions DMC on Rs 2.50 tax per cement bag


Dimapur, September 19: ACAUT Nagaland has sought clarification from the Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC) for levying taxes on certain items, particularly Rs 2.50 tax per bag of cement.
Pointing out that section 173 of Nagaland GST Act 2017 states that municipality taxes “shall stand annulled” and in other cases subsumed, ACAUT in a press release said, “There may be provision of octroi for municipality to tax but the Rs 2.50 tax per bag of cement in spite of the GST bill along with the e-way bill is questionable.” It wanted to know from the DMC under what specific approval and with which notification the tax is being levied.
ACAUT also questioned the Government for levying royalty on products imported into the State.
It reminded that GST billing automatically includes the Nagaland State Government share of tax benefits.
Meanwhile ACAUT has extended support and full cooperation to the PAC of Naga Council to see that the public resolution of “one government one tax” is realized. (Page News Service)