Wednesday, June 16, 2021
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ACAUT, NVCO support public rally


Dimapur, October 29: ACAUT Nagaland has supported the Public Rally against illegal collection organized by Public Action Committee.
The ACAUT Nagaland appreciated the Naga Council Dimapur for taking the initiative on the issue of unabated taxation under its aegis, and appealed to all to attend the rally.
While the problem of unabated taxation had come down tremendously after October 31, 2013 massive public rally held five years ago, yet the issue of illegal collection still persists with patronage from the Government of Nagaland, the ACAUT said.
It said the Government of Nagaland’s inability to combat the issue of unabated taxation and effectively address the issue of the common people have left the public with no choice but to go to streets and protest.
Public street protest is a sign of Government’s failure, it added.
The ACAUT urged the Government of Nagaland to gauge the woes and daily struggles of the common people.
The ACAUT Nagaland also the Government of India to look into the problem of taxation by various NPGs on business communities which is further compounded by anti social elements who in the name of NPGs have created a nightmare like situation in the commercial town of Nagaland.
It said the Government of India may consider giving monetary assistance to the NPGs and ensure that they stay in their designated camps so that the public and the law enforcers are able to identify those anti-social agents who are constantly harassing the business community and have turned Dimapur into a haven of anti social elements.
The Nagaland Voluntary Consumers’ Organization (NVCO) has strongly supported the mass public rally against rampant multiple taxation on October 31st by the Public Action Committee (PAC) under the aegis of Naga Council Dimapur (NCD) at Khelmahal Junction, Dimapur.
The strong voice against the rampant multiple taxation, syndicate and lease system operating in and around Dimapur District by various unions/organizations including Naga Political Groups (NPGs) and state government agencies on goods and services, transporters, entry fees on vehicles, item wise taxes on goods, dealers, stockiest, whole sellers down to the retailers, should be supported by every citizen not only Dimapurian but by all the citizens in the state as it finally taxes the so called ‘consumers’.
President of NVCO, Kezhokhoto Savi said that the practices of illegal collection of cash and imposing of multiple taxation in Dimapur as the commercial hub of the state is one major cause of price-rise in the state.
He said every now and then temporary rise of prices in essential commodities including building materials is common in Dimapur.
He further said there are too many pay-counters besides the two main Nagaland check-gates situated at the entry point to state/Dimapur.
He alleged that the State Government especially the District Administrations and Municipal Councils have failed to regulate/control the prices in the markets. (Page News Service)