ACAUT informs Govt Depts

ACAUT informs Govt Depts

Dimapur, July 23: ACAUT Nagaland has brought to the notice of all concerned that a person claiming to be a core member/ lawyer of ACAUT Nagaland is frequenting Government departments, offices and institutions.
In a release, ACAUT stated that the sole and the only officially designated legal advisor and advocate for ACAUT Nagaland is K Savi, who is also its core member. Apart from K.Savi, currently some conscientious advocate/lawyers like C.T. Jamir, Zhekheli and N.M Jamir are representing ACAUT in specific cases.
It informed the departments and public in general to be cautious that other than the official lawyer mentioned above, anyone posing or claiming as Advocate for ACAUT Nagaland is “a fraudster” and be brought to open.
ACAUT said it had not authorized any lawyer or “so called fake core-member” to undertake threats against departments and cautioned the departments against such fraudsters maligning ACAUT’s reputation.
(Page News Service)