Wednesday, April 14, 2021
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ACAUT demands action against Patton, poll officials


Dimapur, April 12: ACAUT Nagaland has demanded appropriate and immediate action against both Y Patton and election officials on duty over blatant violation of election rules at 31 Riphyim Old III under 37 Tyui assembly constituency on April 11.
In a letter to the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO), Nagaland, ACAUT expressed shock at the unethical incident involving Deputy Chief Minister of Nagaland, Y Patton, with video evidence clearly indicating Y. Patton with nine voter slips entering the polling station and “casting proxy” at 31 Riphyim Old III under 37 Tyui A/C. “And also the laxity on the part of the officials on duty is for all to see,” it said.
Stating that it has been writing and voicing against multiple enrollment and unethical practices during the elections, ACAUT chairman Tiatemsu Longchar; co-chairman Simon Kelio and secretary Hetoi Chishi said the genesis of corruption lies in the unclean electioneering malpractices leading to a vicious cycle that entangles both the candidate and voters in corrupt practices.
“The very sanctity of democracy and election ethics are destroyed when election is hijacked by multiple proxy voting, impersonation, one man voting for the whole family, village councils declaring in favor of a candidate and using its muscle power, booth capturing, etc. The saddest reality is that young voters are given the impression that in Nagaland electioneering system, if one is in a position with power, in this case the guardian of the law, the Home Minister himself, one can violate the law and get away with it,” it stated.
The ACAUT said the onus lies on the Election Commission of India to take appropriate action so that it creates a deterrence and to take corrective measures to prevent such blatant violation of election rules in future. (Page News Service)