Saturday, May 15, 2021
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ACAUT condemns forced closure of transport agency

Nagaland News

Dimapur, October 22: The ACAUT Nagaland has strongly condemned the forced closure of East India Transport Agency in Dimapur, run by two Naga lady entrepreneurs.
“The disturbing question that has emerged out of this fiasco is about bona-fide Nagas, that too women entrepreneurs, who are harassed and obstructed from doing business in their own land. This should awaken the conscience of every right thinking citizens of the State as it is about depriving right to livelihood and survival. It is as good as asking its citizens not to continue living in their own land and goes against the very basic tenets of human rights,” it said in a condemnation.
ACAUT reminded that a month ago it had wrote an open letter to the Governor of Nagaland exposing the upgraded modus operandi of specific commodities being assigned to prescribed transport agencies with added unabated taxes leading to escalation of price in essential commodities.
“It was in 2014 that ACAUT brought to the public knowledge about one South India Transport Agency owned and operated by a Naga which was not allowed to run business by the transport cartel conniving with some members of the Naga National Groups. The unscrupulous elements forming the transport syndicates should respect the Naga sentiments by not jostling with upcoming Naga entrepreneurs otherwise a breaking point has come where public will put our feet down against such parasitic vermin,” it warned.
ACAUT urged the law enforcing agency to act as a call of duty to abide by the week deadline given by the Public Action Committee to regain the faith and trust of its citizens. (Page News Service)