Friday, September 29, 2023

Abu Metha launches Zaputuo-u Welfare Fund

Nagaland News

Dimapur, June 6: Advisor to Chief Minister and Chairman IDAN, Abu Metha, launched the Zaputuo-u Welfare Fund and handed over documents at Kohima Orphanage and Destitute Home on June 6.
Abu Metha said that when he visited the Orphanage during its Golden Jubilee as the special guest earlier this year he had stated that Zaputuo-u Welfare Fund will be instituted.
This welfare fund bank account is opened at Bank of Baroda. It will be operated by a board comprising of the present Mother of the Home, Neibanuo, eminent personalities and people involved in social service.
The aim of the fund is to create opportunities for the children of the home, to pursue rewarding careers and excellence in various fields. The fund will assist the children for higher education, exposure opportunities, capacity building exercises etc. It will also support the children to pursue their dreams, aspirations and their passions.
The fund aspires to support the children so that they are not denied the opportunities to pursue their ambitions and their dreams. The fund will also help the children to excel in various fields such as, skill development, computer education, sports, music, arts, education etc.
The fund aims to keep alive the memory of Zaputuo-u who is a pioneering personality and a tall figure among the Naga people. Her dreams and vision to give respect and a future to every child on par with everybody else will be pursued with committed seriousness.
Abu Metha appealed to all well wishers to positively contribute to this fund so that no child is left behind. Abu Metha added that the welfare fund is starting with a seed money of Rs 5 lakhs deposited in the account.
Abu Metha was accompanied by Theja Meru, Chairman TaFMA and Dr. Hovithal Sothu, PD TaFMA.
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