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Abu Metha inaugurates ‘Apni Pathshala’ at Government High School, Sovima

Advisor to CM Abu Metha speaking at the inaugural of Apni Pathshala

Dimapur, March 9: Advisor to Chief Minister, Abu Metha inaugurated “Apni Pathshala” at Government High School, Sovima, on March 9.
Speaking at the inauguration programme, Abu Metha thanked Aniruddha Malpani for selecting the schools in Nagaland to be counted among the 100 across the country. He stated that the world is moving at a great speed, the internet is changing the way human beings live, technology is impacting us every minute and every way of life.
He said, “The technology has become so important that we should involve education computer literacy amongst the State because how we progress, how we March will be determined by the youngsters who will be tomorrow’s leaders and so is the challenges that fall upon the teachers to impart computer literacy among the students to make the children tech savy.”
The quality of education is largely dependent on good infrastructure, good facilities, but most important is the quality of education which is dependent on quality of teachers, he added.
He highlighted that Nagaland has more than 1500 government schools across the State, crossing 2 lakhs students just in government schools and it is this network of schools, infrastructure of schools that is providing education to the most needy, especially the rural areas.
The rural communities and families who are challenged with limited resources are dependent on government school network and it’s the responsibility of the government institutions, the department and the State government to continue to take steps that always strive to improve education, he said adding the escape from poverty, the escape from backwardness is education. Without quality education we cannot move forward as a society, as a people and as a State.
In addition, he said that teachers have to adapt to changing times as they are the architect that shapes our tomorrow, groom the leaders of tomorrow and teachers should be an aspirations that every child under them succeed.
He said that all children are different, unique and it’s a teachers challenge to understand the children and impart education in tune with the needs. “If we appreciate the uniqueness of an individual than our quality of education improve and also impact the child growth,” he further said.
In conclusion, he appealed to the children not to have a word ‘impossible’ in their vocabulary, as in life anything is possible. He encouraged the children that, some of the greatest achievers in this world are from very poor backgrounds, one don’t have to be privileged, or parents had to be rich to succeed in life but the only way to succeed is hardwork, discipline, commitment and the ambition.
He urged the children to keep in mind all the hopes, all the aspirations and do better in life, as parents have hope and dependent on them to do much better in life than them.
Deputy Director, DOSE & OSD to CM, Nellayappan B, in his introductory note on “Apni Pathshala”, highlighted that it’s a project introduced by Aniruddha Malpani from Mumbai, a medical practitioner as well as an entrepreneur.
He said with his own resources he wants to help the students community across India to develop skills in computer education so that students be motivated to learn their academic subjects. With this objective he is sponsoring whoever is willing to set up “Apni Pathshala”, a computer course with 10 sets of computer and with background technical support with dedicated team of technical experts from different fields of study and form a community to mind the teachers of the school, so that teachers are expected to train the students in whatever interest the students is into.
He informed that, the technical and subjects experts provide a necessary facilities for exploring the interest of the students. The organisation’s only demand is that to show some proof that the children have developed the skill. As of now, the organisation have 30 such school projects in India and in Nagaland it is the fourth school.
The first is in Government High school, Longleng, two more private schools in Longleng and Peren District. The organisation is ready to extend to any number of schools if it is genuine and follow the norms.
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