Thursday, May 6, 2021
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Abrogation of customary permission to Kiyevi village

Lt. Kiyevi was given customary permission to establish Kiyevi Village by Lamhai Village, the ancestral landowner in 1939 in the spirit of Naga brotherhood, as sought by Lt. Kiyevi and his men, with oral agreement that Lt. Kiyevi and his men shall abide by the customs and traditions of the ancestral landowner by exchanging parent seeds to live and prosper within the well demarcated land boundary i.e. North:- Hetlakreu (Duilonggo) river, South:-Ncuketikpereu, East :- Stone Pillars and West:- Straight line joining the confluence of Nkoreu-ncuketikpereu in Southwest and confluence of Hetiakreu-Tehaiki in the Northeast (the land boundary which was re-confirmed by customary oath in 1954 by Lt. Puiteing, Lamhai GB in the presence of K. Bora and DBs Zutovi and lkiesing) for peaceful co-existence as long as the customary obligations to live with mutual respect for each other was honored.
Whereas the settlement rights conferred to Kiyevi Village by Lamhai, the ancestral landowner, was reciprocated by the present-day dwellers with insult, contempt, dishonor and disrespect to the age-old Naga customs by their contemptible acts on the following counts:
1. On 14.04.1976, 2 (two) people, namely, Lt. Kulang Kamei from Mhainamtsi and Lt. Gaikaulung from Dungki Village, were brutally murdered at Mhaikam Village due to issue pertaining to land encroachment by Kiyevi Village.
2. On 8.11.1986, a young man by the name Lt. HEIKUM from Dungki Village, a satellite village of Lamhai, was brutally murdered by Kiyevi Villagers.
3.On 4.5.2000, 8 (Eight) people from Mhainamtsi Village, namely,
1.Lt. Kadilat T. R , 2. Lt. Gwangsoidai Kamei, 3. Lt. Sahramlung Pamei, 4.Kahimlung KG, 5. Lt. Gaichingbuanang Gonmei, 6. Dinrei KG,
7.Lt. Dan Bahadur and 8. Lt. Kanchi Maya, a satellite village of Lamhai, were mercilessly gunned down while working in their fields with automatic weapons by colluding gunmen with Kiyevi Villagers.
4. On 22.03.2021, 3 (three) innocent men of Lamhainamdi Village, namely,
1.Lt. Itlngwangbe Haikam, 2. Lt. Pehialungbo and 3. Lt. Sikamwangbo, a satellite village of Lamhai were brutally murdered and their bodies mutilated by armed cadres of certain Naga Political Groups at the instigation of Kiyevi Village while shamelessly claiming ancestral ownership of Lamhai land in the process.
In view of the above, the Lamhai Village is compelled to revoke the customary permission granted to Kiyevi Village for reasons of the aforesaid acts of contempt, dishonour and disrespect to the good will and brotherhood of Lamhai Village in particular and the Zeliangrong Community in general.
Hence this declaration is made on this day the 5th of April 2021and made known to Kiyevi Village and all authorities that Lamhai Village has revoked the customary permission granted to Kiyevi Village, and hence the settlers can no longer claim rights or ownership over the said land from this day of declaration the 5th. April,2021.
This declaration is made on the strength of Zeliang Naga Customs, Traditions and its practices as recognised and enshrined in Article 371’A’ of the Indian Constitution. The continuation of settlement in Kiyevi Village from this day of declaration stands illegal in the customs and traditions of the ancestral landowner.
Haibamko Amezi
Chairman Head GB
Lamhai Village Lamhai Village

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