Nagaland Page is a tabloid-sized newspaper, which started its publication on 29th May, 1999. The fundamentals and focus of our paper is development journalism and we concentrate primarily on education, health, environment, empowerment of vulnerable sections such as women, children, youth, physically and mentally challenged, as also the economically challenged. Nagaland Page also strives to inform and educate our people on current and global issues, especially the advances made in the fields of science & technology, IT, globalization and liberalization vis-à-vis the changing economic, societal and social scenario thus enable our people to understand the dynamics of their vastly changed realities, to cope with them and smoothly integrate into a more complex society and state our country is evolving into.

Most of the above-mentioned issues that we have highlighted have been discussed in the Nagaland State Assembly, as also in several seminars, workshops and sensitization programmes, and we believe there is a sincere effort to usher in changes after exposures of anomalies in various development issues and activities.

We also keep our readers abreast of all state, regional, national and international political issues without taking sides or seeking to unduly influence the independent thinking of our readers; and we take pride that Nagaland Page is reputed to be the most impartial and balanced newspaper in the state of Nagaland.

Our newspaper is small in size and may not compare well with national newspapers in terms of circulation and income, especially considering the size of the reading/literate population of a small state like Nagaland with that of the millions even in a small city outside Nagaland or the Northeast. But our readership consists of people who wield great influence in the decision making process right from the village level to the powers-that-be in the state of Nagaland. Nagaland Page is also very popular amongst women, children and youth, both students and young working people, since we endeavour to keep pace with the times and encourage them to act locally but think globally.

This is the only English daily newspaper that is solely owned, edited and published by a woman in the entire Northeast. Indeed, Nagaland Page is an endeavour of a Northeastern woman, which seeks to bring our people together in encouragement, create regional harmony and cooperation and join hands in our collective efforts to develop our region.

Time is of the essence to achieve our collective aspirations of development and progress that would sustain our Northeastern societies and states in an atmosphere and environment of peace, equality and social justice, and one of the means to achieve this is through nurturing a free and fair media in the region, which focus on core development issues like education, health, environment, empowerment of vulnerable sections of society, as also the alienated and marginalized, without prejudice.

The Editor of Nagaland Page is a founding member of the recently founded Editors’ Initiative, in collaboration with PANOS South Asia, to work towards, amongst others, the strengthening of the media and promote professionalism in journalism, as also to promote the Freedom of Press, promote regional cooperation and values of media freedom and its importance in promoting and deepening democracy in the Northeastern region.

Nagaland Page also remains the leader in providing a platform to all Northeastern writers and poets to reach to the general public by publishing their creative writings. This is our moral obligation, as its Editor is a member of the Northeastern Writers’ Forum, as also a well known writer and poet.

T Monalisa Changkija
Nagaland Page