Sunday, August 1, 2021

Aboli Wotsa wins NE circle postal letter writing competition

Kohima, May 3: Aboli Wotsa bagged the first prize of Dhai Akhar National Level Letter Writing Competition 2018 under North East circle level organized by Department of Posts on “Letter to My Motherland” inspired by Rabindranath Tagore’s “Amar Desher Mati.”
The letter writing competition is a campaign to promote the art of letter writing in the country.
Wotsa’s winning letter was in the above 18 years of envelope category.
In a felicitation programme held today at Kohima, the Department of Posts, Nagaland Division, Superintendent of Posts Lalramzauva handed over a citation along with Rs 25,000 to Wotsa in appreciation and recognition of her creative work.
Wotsa, M.A (English honours) and Master of Divinity (M.Div. Theology) is presently serving as principal, New Life Academy, Dimapur.
She won 2nd position in the Inland letter card category in 2017 as well.
Addressing the gathering, E. Yanthan, assistant superintendent of posts, Nagaland Division said the advancement of communication technology has diversified and writing self-expressive letters in exchanging ideas have become less important.
He said with the objective to sustain, promote the culture and importance of letter writing among the young generation, the department of posts, Government of India has launched the letter writing competition amongst writers.
Congratulating the winner, Yanthan said, “You have made Nagaland postal division proud. I hope you will continue to hone your gifted talent, popularize your writing skills to the people around the world and become a famous writer like Rabindranath Tagore for progress, development and peace of our state and country.”
The winning letter
“So majestic, yet humble. So powerful, yet kind. My precious Motherland, you are a universal example of ‘love, courage and integrity. The world; people of the western world and elsewhere admire you and study of your genuine struggles and marvelous accomplishments. Yes, India! You are my motherland… I love and am profoundly proud of you. For you have bravely and meticulously fought many a hard battle. Though wounded and bruised, you have emerged victoriously”
My beloved Motherland! You have given me everything. Oh! What can I give you in return? It is in your loving soil, that I nourish and rest. I laugh and make merry to my heart’s content, and my talents have seen the light of the day. I am loved and enormously admired. Even when I am depressed and lonely, you cheer up with a touch of your motherly spirit
Oh! My Motherland, by your grace and fine wisdom, you have brought forth honourable sons and daughters of the ‘Golden soil.” Great leaders, artisans, musicians, philanthropist, exceptional poets and writer etc.
Miraculous breakthrough has been made in the medical and scientific world. All your great blessings, indeed!
Oh Motherland!… Your smile is lovely and assuring, but alas! I see tears and anguish concealed gracefully behind the veil. I have bruised your heart and dampened your vibrant spirit, have’nt I? You graciously gave me all, and here I am; selfish and destructive together with my fellow-mates, I, your precious child have tainted the lush green hills and befouled the sparkling waters, and wounded all living creatures of the mother-nature. Fear, shame and agony have I bought u… by abominably shoving my little sister to the gutter and piercing my beloved brother’s heart. I am.. my own foolhardiness : Forgive me, my precious Motherland. (Page News Service)