Abducting National Workers at this juncture too reckless: NNPGs WC


The WC, NNPGs and GOI signed agreed position on 17th Nov. 2017, upon which the Indo-Naga political conflict would be settled. There has been numerous rounds of intensive talks touching issues since. For anyone to claim there will be only one political talk, i,e with IM alone, he is either living inside a zoo or plain foolish, incapable of grasping reality.
NNPGs, WC has deliberated with all Apex Tribal Hohos, GBs, Civil Societies and Naga intellectuals on a number of occasions laying bare the practical position of the Nagas as a whole and the best acceptable and honourable way forward. Why? Nagas can no longer live in an imaginary world. It is time to be practical about our existence and future. Having retained the essence and core values of our forefathers through mutually agreed position, Nagas must progress with the rest of the world with dignity and honour. The GOI will have to recognise Naga identity, history and political right in absolute clear terms. Nagas must find a solution in consonance with contemporary political realities. There is no confusion or ambiguity within WC or among Naga tribes since transparency and consultation is an essential component in the entire process.
WC, NNPGs would like to make its position clear to the Naga people that the present negotiations with the GOI is not confined to the state of Nagaland, as some misinformed Nagas perpetually accuse NNPGs of WC do not require sensationalism and headline grabbing propaganda to stay relevant. To the WC, political negotiation and settlement is meaningless if Nagas and their ancestral territory in Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh and Assam are left in its present form in all aspects.
The NNPGs Naga delegation have conveyed to the GOI interlocutor Mr. R.N Ravi in crystal clear terms that political agreement will not sustain untill and unless Nagas in Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh and Assam are made absolute masters over their ancestral lands and resources, natural or manmade, conforming to history and political right. WC NNPGs do not believe in isolating and ignoring Nagas outside Nagaland state. The Nagas in Myanmar and their ancestral land too has been deliberated at the negotiating table.
Working Committee believes that Nagas across artificial boundaries must entrench our rights and attain historical, political, cultural, economic and social progress on equal footing through the Agreement. The process of correcting historical errors committed by colonial powers, GOI and Burmese government shall, thus, be set into motion.
It is very unfortunate to learn that in recent times there has been a recurrence in kidnapping, abduction and confinement of Naga National Workers by NSCN (IM) at Hebron camp. While no fatality has been perpetrated this time, the ghost of 1988 and aftermath should not be revived in Nagaland. Negative actions such as haphazard abductions and kidnappings, forced labour, physical torture and humiliating treatments under detentions are best avoided at this juncture. Most unfortunately, money ranging from Rs. 15,000/- to Rs. 1, 00,000/- are being demanded from detainees for their release.
It is unimaginable that Nagaland would become a haven for abductors and ransom seekers in the garb of nationalism where the bona-fide citizens become unsafe in their own land Nagaland, God forbid, it should not happen. This characteristics do not conform to the principle of Naga brotherhood and fraternity. All National workers detained at Hebron camp must be released immediately unharmed at the earliest lest misunderstanding arises among the Nagas and consequences become too high a price to even imagine. As it is, some committees are observing Black Day in Manipur and elsewhere mourning their dead. None should walk this tragic path again. Nagas must work towards celebrating victory of a just cause and this is the aspiration of the WC, NNPGs.
Those indulging in such profit making business may think twice before kidnapping or abducting someone’s son, father, brother, uncle or cousin. At this point of Naga struggle, all sides must make an effort to heal past wounds instead of cutting open the old scars. There would be small destructive minds in any organization, as past reveals, who would play spoilsport to common aspiration. Nagas must be on guard against these elements. All those who truly believe in ‘Nagaland for Christ’ must be guided by sanity and reason. Naga history should not be shamed again. The name of Christ and Naga people should not be taken for granted.
MEDIA CELL, Working Committee, NNPGs.

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