Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Aakash Gupta and Samay Raina win Comicstaan 2

Comicstaan 2 winners

On Friday, Aakash Gupta and Samay Raina were announced as the winners of Comicstaan 2. The standup comedy reality show also had Supriya Joshi, Sumit Sourav and Raunak Rajani as the finalists. Hosted by Abish Mathew and Urooj Ashfaq, the second season of the Amazon Prime Video was judged by Biswa Kalyan Rath, Kanan Gill, Sumukhi Suresh, Zakir Khan, Kaneez Surka, Kenny Sebastian and Neeti Palta.
The grand finale episode saw the finalists perform at the Grand Opera House in Mumbai. Instead of the usual three-minute act, the contestants were on stage for five minutes. The finalists were scored by the judges and the audience, and the winner was decided by the cumulative score. While Supriya ended at the fifth position, Sumit was placed above her on the chart and Raunak was adjourned as the second runner up. Everyone present was left surprised when Samay and Aakash finished with the same average scores.
Aakash Gupta has been a favourite from the beginning of the competition. His comic timing and impersonation skills have always been lauded by the judges. Aakash has always been on top of the chart and even in the finale, the judges scored him the highest. His first performance where he enacted the host of a cooking show made him a popular face even on social media. While every judge appreciated Aakash, Kenny Sebastian, time and again appreciated him.
As for Samay Raina, the Kashmiri who grew up in Hyderabad, was the youngest contestant on the show. His audition performance where he made fun of the situation back home, earned him brownie points. Samay turned out to be the dark horse of the season, as he started off on an average note. It was only towards the end of the show that his performances gained momentum. The 21-year-old performed exceptionally well in the finale and got the live audience score highest for him.
The Amazon Prime Video original started streaming from July 12. Each episode saw one of the judges mentoring the contestants on a specific genre of comedy. The top 10 had a week to write and perform their acts. Along with the judges, the studio audience also evaluated the performances. The top 5 were chosen after adding the scores of seven weeks. While the second season of the digital reality show was much loved, it could not match up to the success of the previous year.
The two winners, Aakash Gupta and Samay Raina took home the winning trophy and a cash prize of Rs 10 lakh each.