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A tribute to Uncle M Kikon: A Christian Legend

Uncle M Kikon had good friends of all ages across churches, cultures and faiths; and I am privileged to be one of them. Uncle Kikon’s youngest son Bithungo Kikon is my classmate and good friend.
Uncle Kikon was diagnosed with cancer at 50 and doctors were said to have given him only a limited time to live then. But he pleaded unto God for 15 more years and God Almighty graciously extended his life by 35 more years. Uncle altogether lived for 85 years and I am blessed to have known him for the last 28 years. What a great testimony in our times.
Uncle Kikon was a mentor and like a father to many of us. His abundant love and care extended way beyond his children and grandchildren, and even touched the lives of many of us who were blessed to be friends of his children.
I will cherish the many hours he spent with me sharing his many testimonies and his clear vision to transform our society by providing God fearing education.
Today, I wish my friend Bithungo Kikon and his family God’s best blessings as he continue to nurture and grow the vision and legacy uncle Kikon had left behind.
We, the younger generation will look up to Uncle Kikon as a great role model, who kept his integrity, honesty and Christian testimony till death. It is very rare to have living testimonies like his in our society today. How I wish our society learn to honour such men of integrity while they are still alive and not only after they are gone.
He was such a great cook too. I will miss and cherish his special fruit juice, pickles and various local delicacies which he generously prepares every time we visit him.
On behalf of the younger generation, we salute you Uncle. May God Almighty grant us the grace to follow your footsteps as you followed Christ.
Rest in peace at Home Uncle! To God be the glory!
I remain your beloved friend and fan Uncle!
Colo Mero