A Specimen of The Human Race


I am a specimen of the human race

The one supposed to be

At the tip of the animal pyramid

To such a thought

Many humans are by reservation caught

Since frequently

Humans tend to settle a difference

With some sort of violence

Humans carry arms and gun

Sometimes they kill other animals

Just for fun

When there’s a big dispute

The humans draw their gun

And their enemy they shoot

When the dispute escalates

To a level higher

The humans may start a preemptive war

At times the war turns into a World war

When millions of humans are slaughtered

Of other animals, nobody keeps track

By the cruelty and brutality of the human kind

Other animals are generally surprised

At times I’m not proud of belonging to the human race

Instead I’d rather have a pussy cat’s face

A cat has only one goal on this earth

Giving and receiving warmth

Their giving and receiving love never ends

This rule a cat never bends

A cat lives to be cradled, cuddled and stroked

A cat is heavenly to behold

A cat doesn’t know how to use a gun

She only knows how to purr for fun

A pussy cat brings peace and harmony

In this world torn with war and tyranny.

One thing I know for sure

I don’t wish to witness any world war

When millions of humans are killed

When with despair the world is filled

A war is human’s grotesque creation

Which is beyond any other animal’s

Wildest imagination.


 Dr Manasi Dutt