Friday, July 19, 2024
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A rejoinder to NPCC

It is very unbecoming of a national political party to fall so low as to erase itself of having a spine or will of its own. For any political party that has hit rock bottom, the only way left to revive itself is nowhere but to look up. The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC), however, seems to be hell-bent on scraping the rocks below to dig an even deeper hole to bury itself in.
This is clearly seen in the manner in which the NPCC has given its view on the issue of land encroachment of Kiyevi village by the so-called Lamhainamdi Village through the press release published on November 12 in local dailies. There is no denying the fact that today, the Congress Party in Nagaland has become a party that is completely monopolized and dictated by its President who seems to be ill-advised on certain sensitive issues.
It is better to be completely ignorant than to have and parrot half-baked knowledge on any issue. Especially more so for a mature responsible political organization like the NPCC, and that too, on a very sensitive issue like the forcible occupation of Kiyevi village. The NPCC can serve the people of Nagaland better, and certainly be doing itself a big favor if it can take the trouble of going back in time and studying the history of how Kiyevi village was formed, instead of making wild preposterous assumptions and then sounding like both the judge and jury and then the executioner.
The NPCC had stated, “It looks like land were gifted by Dumki village to both Kiyevi and Lamhainamdi. Only these three parties should be taken as parties for settlement. No other parties or groups or outsiders should be allowed to involve.” Starting the statement with the assumption “It looks like” does not absolve the NPCC from its completely wild, false, and misleading statement.
In the first place, Kiyevi and Lamhainamdi cannot be taken in the same breath. Kiyevi village was established in 1939 during the time of British rule with the permit of the British when no boundaries existed. It was the strong guts and grit of the early Sumi settlers who all, in spite of surmounting odds and at the expense of much suffering, blood, and tears, made the western areas habitable for everyone. Lamhainamdi, on the other hand, is a village created on the basis of an authorization (NOC) issued by the Lamhai village council on the 4th of September, 2018, to the people of Zeliangrong community for setting up a new village within the land that falls under Kiyevi village.
It should not be forgotten that the Zeliangrong community is trying to establish Lamhainamdi Village by setting up a few makeshift thatch houses on traditional Kiyevi village land through forceful encroachment.
Nothing can be further from the truth than the assertion of the NPCC that land was gifted by Dumki village to both Kiyevi and Lamhainamdi. This is a blatant attempt by the NPCC to discredit Kiyevi village by equating it with Lamhainamdi and elevating Dumki village as both the judge and jury. This is a pure display of might is right where the legitimate right of Kiyevi village is bulldozed with fictionalized falsehood. Needless to say, the claim of the NPCC that Dumki village gifted land to both Lamhainamdi and Kiyevi village is debunked by the very fact that Mr. Akui, the Ex-Chairman of Dumki village, himself, bought land from Kiyevi village and therefore, automatically, is a bonafide member of Kiyevi village.
We are not trying to pinpoint anyone on this issue but it is a known fact that there is a family connection between the NPCC leader and Zeliang community leading to the political party giving out a direct one-sided press release.
All that the WSYF would like to convey to the NPCC is to not allow itself to get ahead of history but allow history to be the judge. Yesterday was the age when might was right but today right is the new might. When Kiyevi village is in the right, there is no question of allowing might to prevail over right but to stand – one for all and all for one.
As to the NPCC’s yet another assertion that Christians were taught peace and love, not violence, it is indeed food for thought to ponder over the saying, “To provoke violence to happen is worse than the act of violence itself.”
Mughavi Awomi
President, WSYF