Wednesday, October 4, 2023

A Naga developer’s reality in the USA


Tiajungla Dominica Jamir has broken the glass ceiling in the USA and the EU as an outstanding developer of VR-enhanced learning. She stands out in New York City and in the world of Virtual Reality (VR) technology for her extraordinary web-based platform that enhances traditional learning through VR.

Her work and accomplishments have been covered in the US press and in London’s, VRWorldTech magazine.
Tiajungla won the ‘Best Practitioner Poster Proposal’ award by the Immersive Learning Research Network (iLRN) at the iLRN 2020 Conference. iLRN is an international organization of developers, educators, and research professionals collaborating to develop scientific, technical, and applied potential of immersive learning.
In collaboration with PhD professors’ lesson-plans and logistical input, Tiajungla combined her B.E. in computer engineering from DSCE, Bangalore and VR skills to create a web-based platform of VR modules as prototypes for use in enhanced, immersive 3D education.
Born in Kolkata and raised in Dimapur, Tiajungla recalls, “Fortunately for me, growing up, computers, gaming, and related technology were mentally stimulating, engaging and quite easy to grasp.”
She considers herself an introverted, non-conformist, forward-thinking-artist who is also into pursuits like emerging technologies, gaming, creative arts, and culture.
“While working in Kolkata as a graphic designer in 2018,” Tiajungla says, “My experience helped me recognize a dire need to reduce the complexity and bridge the technological gap between everyday users and modern technology… My focus moved to higher education to understand how the back-end of new technologies connected to the front-end to provide users new products and best experiences.
“I was quite delighted when the New York Institute of Technology (New York Tech) accepted my application for Fall 2019 UX/UI Design and Development master’s program, within two weeks of applying.”
She involved herself in VR and spent much time exploring this exciting technology. Her enthusiasm and extraordinary abilities were quickly noticed by her thesis professor who she revealed encouraged her to work on a New York Tech in-house VR project which turned out to be the core of her thesis and winning her award at iLRN.
In addition to her college projects, Tiajungla managed to squeeze in working part-time on campus as a Graduate Assistant teaching VR/AR on campus and coaching workshops at French Institute Alliance Française and Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, NY.
According to Tiajungla NY Tech has given her and other students the ability to create their own keys to their futures and career trajectories, adding, “I intend to use my key wisely.” In May 2021, she will cross a major milestone with a well-earned master’s in UX/UI Design and Development, at New York Tech with a coveted 4.0 GPA.
“VR-learning can be a blessing for students limited by socially distanced education as well as for global-remote-learners – as long as they have reliable internet,” she said, adding insightfully, “there is a compelling need to increase public awareness of VR-enhanced education, its value, and benefits to society. Trained motivated teachers, adept at using web-based VR educational material – via headsets, PCs, tablets, or mobile phones – as needed, can inspire students, and impart lessons successfully.”
Tiajungla wants to pay it forward by inspiring others to see the value of VR technology and its use in our futures. “It appears inevitable that this burgeoning, relatively new VR technology becomes mainstream in our daily lives!” Tiajungla pointed out excitedly.
“My focus next is on further development of the VR platform to make learning experiences accessible to students with disabilities and different learning styles,” she says, adding, “I believe I can adapt and am well-positioned to cater to the growing needs around the delivery of enhanced, immersive education.”
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