Monday, July 15, 2024
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A Medium to a New World Order

Information sharing has filled in the void about our perceived notions and possibilities that we were once content with. Information is now conveniently accessible by everyone, down to the grassroots. For that matter, the dynamics of information sharing has changed altogether with the participation of general public, owing to affordability and know-how. The medium is equipped with requisite tools to cure the ailing society, if used judiciously. On the other hand, exuberance in sharing any and everything could get really embarrassing, if not land one in thick soup.
News feed has become so widespread and pervasive that we are now faced with inability to keep pace with the influx…..So much so that deleting stored information has become as painstaking, as difficult as it is to retrieve or revisit. So while it is good to stay informed, sanctity of the platform has to be maintained and time of those at the receiving end valued.
One can relate to Bollywood movies of yesteryears where most scripts related to ‘Police Aur Mujrim’, and ‘Justice Seeking’ it’s fair share….Incidentally, those were times when witness and evidence were so crucial that any slips and distortion meant inevitable derailment of justice, irrespective of numerous court trials and proceedings. On the contrary, today, anyone has the capacity to bring anyone before the justice whip, made possible by owning a gadget.
Among the many facets of information sharing, it is noteworthy that mass participation has facilitated accountability. Every individual has become a watchdog in ensuring accountability and fairness in the society. Unassumingly, in sharing, people are directly or indirectly assisting and ensuring government machineries in addressing matters on fast track. Mapping, tagging, tracking and tracing (name it) has become so convenient, that which was painstaking earlier. This medium if collaborated for use by the general public and law enforcing authorities, could be a defining highlight in the field of law and order too.
So transparent has the environment become that feasibility of an individual to shake a system, simply resting in his confines has become a reality. The most recent case being the ongoing turmoil triggered by George Floyd’s murder. Just who knew who was capturing the ordeal of the deceased or the high-handedness of the aggressor or how the clip surfaced? Apparently, the whole episode was interpreted to a perceived act of racism with netizens going berserk; to the extent of defying the pandemic scare, let alone violating sanctity the White House.
It may not take long for policy makers to revisit the constitution and incorporate curbs on ‘Information Sharing’, as clause/sub clause to ‘Freedom of Expression’…. They know their stakes in letting this medium be.
Nevertheless, other than unscrupulous sharing, may this medium be used diligently and for furtherance of common good.
Vincent Patton