9th September 2019


ARIES: Practical developments are significant these days, dear Aries, but there can be some ups and downs, possibly in the form of a disappointment or question marks to navigate. Taking care of mental health should not be ignored while you pursue your many personal and work goals during this opportunity period.
TAURUS: This is a generally strong time for creative, expressive, and romantic pursuits, dear Taurus, but there are some challenges and ups and downs involved. You may be questioning an uncertain or ambiguous situation related to a friendship, or you could be longing for a kindred spirit connection.
GEMINI: This is a time when you may be struggling with your perceptions or hunches, so making the bigger decisions may not be wise just for now. Overall, however, your living conditions, relationship with family, and personal life are strengthening this month.
CANCER: You’re generally going strong with personal interests these days. Be a little more vigilant when working with facts and figures, and watch that you don’t communicate in a way that can easily be misinterpreted. Dream and create, but pay closer attention if dealing with practical matters today.
LEO: Waiting on an outcome with high expectations can put some pressure on you or your relationships, dear Leo. It might also leave you open to hurt feelings or letdown. It’s a strong month, in general, for strengthening your money and resource situation, but there are some ups and downs involved.
VIRGO: You may be swinging from idealistic images of someone or a situation to imagining the worst. For best results, focus on the things you love instead of pinning your hopes elsewhere. If you are unprepared or disorganized, any drama occurring now can feel worse than it is.
LIBRA: Work and service are in strong focus, but it can be difficult dealing with routine matters if you’re not feeling motivated or directed, which is possible now. However, treat this time as a period for regaining fuel and motivation or inspiration for best results. Don’t expect too much of yourself for now.
SCORPIO: You might experience some confusion in your relationships, desires, and attractions until you sort things out. The tendency is to see-saw between fantasy and reality until you find a middle ground. Romance or affectionate feelings can be draining today if you don’t know where you stand.
SAGITTARIUS: Ambiguities related to living conditions or arrangements, with family, or insecurities about your capabilities can weigh you down, affecting the pursuit of your goals, career, or responsibilities. In fact, taking a breather so that you can get into better touch with your intuition on these matters can help redirect you.
CAPRICORN: A temporary lack of direction or inspiration can leave you especially sensitive to distractions, which makes it challenging to get things done. It’s best not to commit or to make an official statement under these conditions, so aim to wait things out. It’s a good time to reconsider or examine your expectations.
AQUARIUS: Try not to press for answers and resolve to pay more attention to your spiritual needs while protecting your material resources. Watch, too, for hanging onto a false, idealized image of a person, project, or relationship–it puts too much pressure on a connection and leaves you vulnerable. Wait things out.
PISCES: These days, it can be difficult to distinguish between what you want and what others want from you. Since it’s far better to attach yourself to dreams that inspire you than those that let you down, don’t be afraid of holes you might see in your current plans and visions. Seeing them can help you do some patching.