9th Sepember 2018


ARIES: A temporary financial set back could happen, but temporary is the operative word. But care and constraint regarding financial affairs are advised Despite heavy workload you do enjoy yourself and also care a great deal, children give joy .you shall also indulge in home improvement.
TAURUS: You shall do a lot of dreaming and shall try to create new openings for you. There will be new associates and friends, bringing fresh ideas and insight to your life path. You may become more gregarious, taking a renewed interest in friendship and find yourself forming many associations.
GEMINI: You shall get more deeply involved with your family and shall be able to spend quality time with them. Happiness from children and from the spouse shall give you the peace and tranquillity in life.
CANCER: You will concentrate your energy on family and shall be happy with it. Your spending may be more and you may repent it by the end of the day. All the material resources shall be in plenty and you shall be seeing the world through rose tinted glasses.
LEO: There may be changes or unexpected events at home. Relationships with siblings or children may be stressful. There may be someone with a difficult temperament in your home environment or someone at home may be going through a difficult time.
VIRGO: Social activity and relationship with not just family and loved ones but a wider circle of friends shall flourish because you display far more flexibility, open-mindedness. Always fair minded you are willing to listen.
LIBRA: A sudden urge to travel, to get away from it all will come to you. Certainly an affinity for solitude,lonely places ,contemplation and meditation. A feeling of tension and some worries could be the cause. Whatever, you seek a release and solace in higher pursuits, in religion and faith, in spiritual and actual journeys.
SCORPIO: You shall receive love and respect from the people you care about. Social gathering shall be a source of enjoyment. You shall have the support of the people around you. You’re gentle, loving and giving and it reflects in all aspects of your life. There’s joy and enthusiasm all around you, even in the very air!
SAGITTARIUS: You are in a touchy mood easy to take offence ,suspicious of others motive. This attitude will be your worst enemy .You will need to interact,mesh touch base with other people in order to get ahead.
CAPRICORN: Social life will flourish and fine contacts will be made. You get the companionship and support of your spouse. Strong family ties and bonds will be forged. Friendships are cemented and renewed. You socialize, spend marvellous time with family. A pleasing glow engulfs you.
AQUARIUS: You shall give quality time loving care and attention to the home and family. You are generous, caring, loving and lots of fun to be with. You seek to share your material success with your loved ones. There is lots of socializing and partying and some truly uplifting and rewarding love and romance on the agenda today.
PISCES: After all the hard work of the previous week you may feel burnt out . Meditation, adequate rest, sufficient time to relax and unwind will be vital. Socializing and partying, marvellous interactions with children and the pursuit of hobbies all spell a fine day for you.