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9th November 2019

ARIES: Your energy level and your self-confidence are high now. You are full of enterprise. If your present position doesn’t give you enough scope or if your superiors dont allow you to take initiative and advance as you want youll become frustrated.
TAURUS: If you are too honest about your opinions, you may insult someone. Emotions seem to be running much higher than normal. You need to be clever in giving your side of the story. Diplomacy is your keyword. There may be issues with children as well and you don’t quite know what the real story is.
GEMINI: Opportunities to spread your wings and fly appear now. Implement your ideas even if they seem crazy to others. Great achievements are usually made by those who break a few rules. You get some flack in your professional and personal life by being different.
CANCER: You have a deep analytical need to understand things especially relating to your past. Thinking over something is one thing, however, a resolution is another. Even if you identify what it is that has been holding you back, what do you think the solution is? Your understanding has to be followed up with some practical action
LEO: A small offensive can be more effective than a full-scale battle. Pick your battles wisely. No point playing it safe. Sometimes you have to go out on a limb and take a gamble. Today is one such day. It’s time to jumpstart your life and recalibrate your skills to become the powerful champion you really are.
VIRGO: Retreat and contemplation, with resultant renewal and regrouping, are favoured pursuits right now. Use downtime to reconsider your options and make sure you are really on the right course. Inner challenges you resolve now will result in more focused and effective action.
LIBRA: Dreams and wished for luxuries can finally be yours if you’re brave enough to believe you deserve them! You can finally stand up and be free of judgments and stake your claim. Don’t escalate disputes but rather, narrow them down and stick to the point.
SCORPIO: You are astrally absorptive today and this could in many ways affect your health and well-being. This means that you should be careful about the people you hang out with. You’ll absorb positive also negative emotions from whomever you come into contact with.
SAGITTARIUS: Even if someone you meet seems as smooth as silk you may not quite trust them. There may be an element of pompousness about them. This could irritate you and you’re likely to say something that will not go down well. You may have to bite your tongue to keep the peace.
CAPRICORN: You make new friends now. Over and above this, some of your life goals may be achieved now. The movement of the North node or karmic point, through your sixth house, shows that your connections with co-workers are undergoing an important balancing of your karmic accounts now – for good or for bad.
AQUARIUS: A little extravagance may take the form of attitude. The emotion behind that attitude is what you have to decide. Is it going to be an extravagance of goodwill, generosity and compliments or will that extravagance deteriorate into an excessive form of speech with a wealth of angry words? Why overtax yourself with all this emotion?
PISCES: You have an endless supply of energy for work projects but your health could suffer as well. Moderate your timetable so that you can enjoy other things in life as well. Watch out for deliberate acts of deception from others.