9th March 2018


ARIES: Today stars suggests emotional communication will be the hallmark of your day. You’re able to express how you feel beautifully and shall be able to derive benefit from it.
TAURUS: This is a fabulous day to sign contracts, make any type of verbal or written deal or purchase a new car .Travel plans favoured as well.
GEMINI: Today you are more emotionally aware than usual. It’s a good time to reflect on how you truly feel about things before you make a decision. If you’re single, a new office romance may begin.
CANCER: There could be some confusion between you and a lover today over finances .You will need to navigate this energy carefully to avoid a major quarrel.
LEO: This is a day when you want to chase financial possibilities. You’re sensitive about security issues but at the same time, you’re brave enough to take the driver’s seat to prosperity. Courage pays off.
VIRGO: There could be a little bit of an argumentative streak that comes from a family member today. Be prepared for a war of words. Today’s star’s will provide a deep emotional connection to a spiritual philosophy of mode of ethics.
LIBRA: It’s a five star day for international business or a creative adventure that requires travel. Take a gamble today because it’s going to pay off.
SCORPIO: Today you’ll have to work now more than ever! Don’t be surprised when the boss demands you revise an important project. Take it in stride.
SAGITTARIUS: This is a family-centred week for you. Today, look to a sibling or perhaps a cousin to help smooth over any possible family frictions or misunderstandings.
CAPRICORN: Today you can expect action concerning family money issues. It is likely to be settled in a favourable way so if you’ve been waiting to hear about a real estate or inheritance matter, this might be the day.
AQUARIUS: You can expect to look within for answers rather than to the external world.There could be some unexpected words that come out of your mouth now .What you say will be anyone’s guess.
PISCES: You’re torn between wanting to be close to home today, versus the intense need to break away from your routine and create a new structure for yourself. You can’t have it all.