9th July 2018


ARIES: Overbearing individuals can annoy you. An opportunity that allows you to absorb more knowledge is likely to appear. Backstage business moves are likely today. You could be much more amorous than usual, so spice it up, as strengthening that bond is important this evening.
TAURUS: Let people know that you care about them, Like-minded individuals come into contact and it’s full speed-ahead concerning a financial matter. Your take-charge attitude could leave your colleagues with jealous feelings, though for you personally, it is a soft and comfortable but energizing day.
GEMINI: Fresh, exciting ideas are coming in thick and fast as your imagination shifts into a higher gear. Someone behind the scenes lends you moral support. Career concerns can get much desired information and contact. Good news is interrupted by work pressures. A little flirtation is in the stars.
CANCER: Too much duality can cause needless rifts with a colleague or partner. It’s not the best day for reaching agreements with others, especially in business. It’s better to curb your more judgmental tendencies. Couples can share happy times, but a home matter demands attention.
LEO: Your curiosity is accented, along with a knack for what is light-hearted and frivolous. In-depth thinking leads to financial or business gains today. Although you may feel a subtle desire for a safe and laid- back lifestyle, travel and personal interests will be on your mind. In romance, you will both enjoy similar fantasies.
VIRGO: Your creativity brings those words of praise that you’ve been waiting for, Meeting new people will be exciting and productive, but your own desires have to wait, since others demand your time. A lucrative opportunity can come your way. Try to read those unsaid feelings in your partner’s eyes.
LIBRA: It’s time for a stimulating change, as your mind is hot with the quicksilver messenger entering your sign. Mental games give satisfaction, but sudden changes may occur when you set your focus on other things. Misdirection and quiet aggression may emerge in an important task, but a new relationship will benefit from spending time together.
SCORPIO: Take a break from what is going on at the moment and choose your words and actions carefully. Looking at major purchase for the home? You may notice a slight change in your approach. Unfortunately, you will be too tired to tango this evening, especially in love.
SAGITTARIUS: Today you are fired up and eager for action and thanks to your quick thinking, a problem should be dealt with. Information about an excellent career option gets you dreaming, but those finances demand thoughtful action. You need to get clear in your own mind about what’s appropriate. You can win your love by making a gesture of trust.
CAPRICORN: Your contacts should prove satisfying and will provide the positive elements you’re after. You will be learning something new and having a great time, but in money matters, easy come, too easy go. Don’t let anyone cause you to doubt yourself. You may end up surprising your love in all kinds of delightful ways.
AQUARIUS: You may be surprised at how easy it is to talk about sensitive issues today, this is a time when you can establish greater rapport with beneficial figures and conversation with older close ones should be stimulating. Money might be a bit short, but don’t deny yourself what you really want in love.
PISCES: Stop worrying. Enjoy a chatty day with a useful exchange of news and information. Remember to be discreet about your new ideas or someone else may take the credit. Your finances should be comfortable and material possessions could be on your mind. Love blossoms when you tell someone how much you care.