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9th January 2020

ARIES: New insights into your career or life path can emerge, or a significant clarification or a meaningful realization occurs. Ideas for new directions can be valuable now. It may be that you are verbalizing an idea that you’ve only thought about, which frames it in a new way, aiding your thought process.
TAURUS: You want to move out of your comfort zone regarding learning, thinking, and doing. There can be a significant discovery or connection made now. You express yourself with more enthusiasm and faith, and this goes over very well with others.
GEMINI: You’re not interested in fluff at the moment as you pursue more meaningful or absorbing experiences. As such, some endeavors are likely to fall by the wayside. It’s a time for clearing the air. Still, it’s important to watch for an overly technical or intellectual approach to self-expression today and tomorrow.
CANCER: You can be doing a lot of processing, sorting, and organizing your thoughts and ideas, and interactions or conversations with someone can help jumpstart critical thinking. Some emotional detachment can be quite helpful but difficult, indeed.
LEO: Good energy is with you for sorting out and gaining clarity about work and health matters logically, although emotional considerations are necessary. It can be challenging to see what’s real and what’s hyped right now. Watch for a business-like insensitivity or impatience with people since we’re all very sensitive.
VIRGO: Your communications are entertaining and fun, and you are taking more pride in your ideas or creations. A romantic revelation might be imminent, or a creative project or relationship could reach a turning point. Observations made now are likely to be significant, and assessing recent ideas can be beneficial.
LIBRA: Family matters are sharply in focus, and a personal or emotional breakthrough is entirely possible. There can be big ideas and meaningful conversations or ideas related to long-term projects, improving security, family, property, and home.
SCORPIO: Be careful that you don’t make all of your decisions from the head or your ego and ignore your heart in the process, but be careful not to swing to the other extreme as well. For now, you could be in a situation of “too much information.” Too many choices can be overwhelming.
SAGITTARIUS: It can be a little too easy to overdo spending or other indulgences at this time since you can have a hard time deciding where to put your energies. Part of you wants to stir things up and test your feelings, and another wants to enjoy what you already have.
CAPRICORN: You can come to significant realizations and epiphanies, but things are a little raw, so you may want to take some time with them. Note, too, that others are talking about you, more so than usual. You might be privy to missing details or new information.
AQUARIUS: You might see something you missed, or a conversation can bring up new information. You might reawaken a topic from the past today or see an old matter in a new way. You are better able to communicate or rationalize a matter that, before today, was difficult to express and understand.
PISCES: There can be sudden ideas or realizations, and your social life is likely to be quite animated. It’s a fantastic period for cultivating contacts, getting involved, networking, sharing ideas or time and energy. Valuable new connections can be made.