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9th February 2020

ARIES: Disputes over money are likely. Is the money worth arguing about? Shared resources can be a problem, especially if you haven’t detailed the whys and wherefores of any arrangement. Make sure your contracts are ironclad.
TAURUS: Restlessness and discontent within some of your friendships and social alliances may be an undercurrent now. Furthermore, you’re not going to subject yourself to people who aren’t reciprocating your generosity.
GEMINI: If you’ve finished your work, you should go on a journey or holiday, but the operative word is ‘if’. Planning a vacation is on the cards, but you must get all your ducks in a row first. Boredom could set in and it’s time for you to revisit some professional alternatives.
CANCER: The way you handle financial resources will be a focus now. The way you negotiate financial contracts and agreements will be very telling on the outcome of your financial plans in the coming months. You may feel as if you’re treading water and going nowhere at the moment.
LEO: You can be forceful, especially in the way you speak to others. This is exactly what’s necessary to keep people in line and get the job done efficiently. If people haven’t been respecting you, swing back, but don’t overcompensate. This could happen due to a misperceived lack of strength.
VIRGO: You don’t have to live life as a jailed grouch. If you find yourself in a constricted situation, it has everything to do with a number of choices you made previously. Think deeply about this. Just as you made decisions earlier, you have options at any given moment to re-evaluate those decisions and change direction.
LIBRA: Turning a blind eye to a situation may not actually solve the problem. In fact, it will bother you more. Say something. Carefully reassess your direction in love and ask yourself what it is you really want. You may be relying on the way things were in the past.
SCORPIO: Time is of the essence right now. You’re irritated and hamstrung by beaurocracy, queues and time wasters. If you’re trapped, you need a shortcut out of the maze. You have a desire to meet new people and explore something beyond your normal routine experience.
SAGITTARIUS: Take full advantage of the fortunate energies that are now upon you. The danger is that you could have a false sense of security. This will cause you to spread yourself thin in too many directions. It’s imperative you prioritise your activities.
CAPRICORN: Your career is under the spotlight and starting to do well, but you realise that anything worthwhile requires sacrifice. In this case, it may be time. Think carefully whether or not you may be creating a rod for your own back. You realise that you’ve taken on far more responsibility and this is quite daunting.
AQUARIUS: Schedules are completely out of sync, so don’t set your plans in concrete just yet. It’s not that you don’t want to connect with others, but may have some apprehension due to the social circumstances that have arisen lately. There may be some politics at play within your social group, or problem with a specific person.
PISCES: While you are scrutinising others for their faults, you may be overlooking some of your own. A balanced view will definitely help. It’s difficult to see yourself objectively, but fortunately, a friend may come to the rescue. They will quietly help you develop greater self-awareness regarding this issue.