Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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9th February 2019

ARIES: This can be a day of interesting synchronicity or surprise. Inventive new ideas, dreams, and possibilities can figure strongly now. Look to friends and group activities for opportunities to mingle with someone special. Favored now are activities that help you detox and release accumulated stress.
TAURUS: You might choose to tackle resentments as you view issues from a somewhat detached perspective with a Mercury-Uranus influence today. It’s also a good time to become better informed since your mind is open wide and exciting ideas are circulating.
GEMINI: You’re likely to come up with inventive solutions to problems and ideas for future projects. Friendships are stimulating and lively, and perhaps quite surprising now. Networking can lead to useful discoveries or opportunities. You may need to make changes on the fly, but you’re especially adaptable, and others appreciate that quality.
CANCER: You are more intuitive these days, and today is an especially strong time for opening up conversations that may not typically take place, as you are very rational about tricky or sensitive topics right now. Business and career matters can improve with research and discoveries. Focusing on forward-moving issues can keep you in good spirits.
LEO: It’s a powerful week for entertaining new ideas and considering different angles, dear Leo. Interactions and ideas generated can be exciting and inspiring today. You might decide to look into clubs or groups that might be of interest to you, although today, one-on-one interactions may provide the most stimulating experiences.
VIRGO: New insights or discoveries might center around health, work, habits, and routine matters. Your thinking is ahead of the times, and your mind can take you to unusual places! You might readily shrug off life’s minor inconveniences and challenges, and it feels great to do so.
LIBRA: This is a week for coming up with new ideas, or for coming to an agreement or an exciting new plan/idea with someone. A conversation can solve a lot of problems as minds open to new possibilities, or can awaken some excitement about the future.
SCORPIO: Ideas for doing so can come on today, and they’re wonderfully unique. Being open and forthcoming with family can be rewarding now, or you’re approaching your interactions in a new, fresh way. Your tastes are a little out of the ordinary and daring.
SAGITTARIUS: People are attracted to your unique perspective, and you may be providing some guidance to others. Open and honest conversations with others, particularly a partner, lover, or child, can be in focus today. There can be much enjoyment derived through your learning endeavors.
CAPRICORN: Let your mind go, and it’s likely to take you to some creative places now! Progressive ideas about how to make yourself feel more secure or comfortable can emerge now. An open and honest atmosphere with loved ones can promote healthy conversations, cooperation, and solutions to problems.
AQUARIUS: Information or news coming in could steer you toward making fun changes. Your ruler, Uranus, is powerful this week and especially influences our thinking and communications today. Whether they’re personal or business, matters can grow today with an open mind and progressive approach.
PISCES: You’re now in a favorable position to communicate and work out problems with others — your mind tunes into progressive ideas and possible areas for improvement. You can be privy to some exciting news or revelations today, possibly about business or money. Today, rewards come to open minds.