9th August 2018


ARIES: Confusion reigns today, so beware… You’re so susceptible at the moment, that you’ll be heavily influenced by what people tell you, even if you’d normally ignore every word they say. Concentrate on creative matters, in which you’ll excel, and ignore anything that calls for careful thought because that isn’t the way your mind is working.
TAURUS: You can expect progress in your more practical endeavours, Concentrate on these, as others may try to push you into spending far too much money, more than you can afford. Being too close to a problem makes it difficult to properly assess the situation. Health issues come to the fore. In romance, you could slow down a bit due to other pressures.
GEMINI: The focus turns to ways that can help improve your financial situation and a meeting with a witty and talkative individual proves to be taxing yet entertaining. New monetary prospects are making their way towards you. You may want to take a break and recharge your batteries to take advantage as these prospects mature.
CANCER: You are likely to have sudden fits of impatience and then quickly regret your reactions, Don’t let the blame for neglecting your responsibilities lower your spirits, as your accomplishments will be recognized anyway. Recheck your financial details; spending may have to wait for now. The day signals delightful moments that can turn into an exciting encounter.
LEO: Once again you’re in a rather tetchy mood, and ready to lash out whenever you feel that someone’s getting at you. You’re using words like weapons, but do you have any idea how sharp and penetrating some of your comments can be? Think before you speak or at least apologize if you hurt someone’s feelings by being too critical.
VIRGO: A long-standing problem is finally resolved, which gives you great satisfaction. Mixing business and pleasure works to your advantage today and you can expect proper remuneration for the endeavours you’ve put in recently. It’s time to explore new learning courses that will augment your skill set. The fire of passion can flash like lightning.
LIBRA: Today you feel a bit more enthusiastic, Moneywise, you could feel the pinch, but spending on entertainment and social obligations just seem so unavoidable. Too many things may be playing in your mind at once. Who, you? Only the most important work is likely to be completed, but in the field of romance, an enchanting and exotic atmosphere promises to ignite your desires.
SCORPIO: If you don’t want to waste your time, you would be well advised to avoid starting any new domestic projects, because they won’t amount to much. Instead, concentrate on ideas that are already in the pipeline. Ideally, you should also set aside plenty of time in which to rest and relax in some favourite and familiar surroundings.
SAGITTARIUS: It’s a good day to discuss your objectives with those who can help you out. Expect positive news about a legal concern. Co-operative endeavours are especially favoured today, so focus on the smaller details and you should see a significant improvement around you. In romance, you may be up for anything and everything.
CAPRICORN: Take steps to review your goals, and don’t take people for granted. Expect a call from a distant place that should bring a solution. A wise approach in financial matters is needed here, though an expensive purchase is the issue at home. Unkept promises can generate heat in personal matters.
AQUARIUS: A current situation can be best tackled by discussing it openly with your partner. Make sure there are enough resources to meet your needs, and avoid serious arguments. You may plan a surprise party for someone who has a special occasion to celebrate. You can establish greater intimacy by bearing each other’s needs in mind.
PISCES: Your spirits may be lower than usual so you may want to keep yourself busy. It’s quite possible that you land a money or business opportunity, but an immediate decision may present a challenge. Though an offer may be for the short term, try to make the most it. Entertainment plans with your partner will be very refreshing.