9th April 2018


ARIES: It is important for you to maintain your personal integrity even in the face of temptation. Stay busy and you will stay out of trouble.
TAURUS: Today focused is on your closest relationships, which is extremely beneficial for everyone involved. You’ll reach deep into your pockets or heart, and you’ll be doubly blessed by your generosity.
GEMINI: It’s always easier to appreciate what you have when you help those who have less. There are always people who are better off and worse off than you.
CANCER: Today, stars are urging you to put away your toys and clean up. If you’ve been eating and drinking too much junk lately, today is the day to detoxify your body.
LEO: Spread a little cheer by taking home baked goods and other home-made gifts to those you love. It’s the season of giving… what better gift than a bit of your time.
VIRGO: Stars are urging you to spend time with the folks at home. With the holiday season upon us, this is the perfect time to visit those who are confined or otherwise unable to travel.
LIBRA: Spending the day with your family could cause some hurt feelings. No matter how excited you are, go slow and think twice before speaking.
SCORPIO: Planetary aspects may find you confused and accident prone today… slow down and proceed with caution. The information you receive may be flawed, so double check all your sources.
SAGITTARIUS: Today, release stress with moderate exercise followed by a warm, relaxing bath. Take a deep breath and forget about your worries, even if only for a few moments.
CAPRICORN: This is a good day to release pent-up energy, so be sure to go for a brisk walk or bike ride this afternoon. Business relationships can go very well if you are relaxed and free from negative attitudes. Stay open and aware and your intuition will serve you well.
AQUARIUS: One on one relationships come into focus, don’t be surprised if you need to make some life changing decisions during the next few weeks.
PISCES: Don’t be afraid of the dark places in your mind… sometimes our shadow side has the most to teach us. Be sure to get plenty of sleep tonight as dreams you have now could hold the key to your current struggles.