Monday, January 18, 2021
North East

90 churches to lend their halls to Mizoram govt for quarantine facility

Aizawl, May 16: Over 90 churches belonging to various denominations in Mizoram will lend their halls to the state government for use as quarantine facility, an officials said on Saturday.
The Mizoram government had asked the churches to requisition the halls to accomodate people returning from outside the state as there is shortage of quarantine facility, an official of the task group on quarantine facility told PTI.
On Thursday 884 people stranded in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry had returned to the state and more than 10,000 people are yet to do so, he said.
The official said a total 96 churches belonging to three denominations have volunatarily allowed the government to use their halls.
Of them 75 belong to the Presbyterian Church, 15 to the Baptist Church of Mizoram and six to the Salvation Army, he said adding some other denominations are also considering the government’s request.
The official said that some churches are also providing food to the inmates of the quarantines and free wi fi and library to them.
The government will also hire a hotel here for providing quarantine facility to those who cannot have it at their homes, he said.
At present there are 182 designated quarantine facilities in Mizoram with a total capacity of 4,172.
Aizawl Venghnuai Presbyterian church secretary C Lalramliana told PTI, It is a question of humanity in this time of crisis. We have no reason to oppose the government’s request but whole heartedly give our church hall. (PTI)