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9 September 2020

ARIES: You’re appreciated for your hard efforts professionally. If there are problems take things in your stride and don’t get angry over petty remarks. Someone you usually trust won’t be reliable or punctual. Your peace of mind will be affected if you overreact.

TAURUS: Each and every move may need to be planned beforehand or you may find others outwitting you in the popularity stakes. You’ll probably feel lethargic, uninvolved and aloof with others. Enjoy those moments you have in common with someone special.

GEMINI: Intense changes occur. You are enthusiastic and full of new ideas. You’re able to combine the tiny details with the big overall picture. Your desire for success and happiness will lead you down paths you’ve never thought to go.

CANCER: You’re particularly high-strung, even obsessive today. The sporting urge is strong so. Book in a few sessions at the gym and make that commitment to get as healthy as you can. There may be a minor disappointment in your work.

LEO: You’re exuberant in the way you deal with others and no matter what others say won’t faze you. There are strong ties with your community and those in need. Changes are afoot in your domestic sphere as well. You’re concerned about security.

VIRGO: You think your vision or desire isn’t possible but actually, you’re receiving some wonderful karmic blessings. It’s time to spin your thoughts in a positive direction again. The energy to begin new things is strong and in your favour. Problems you’ve had financially pass very shortly.

LIBRA: If you’re single you have a really great opportunity to connect with someone of like mind. You need to make time for that were not getting dragged into domestic issues that erode your time. It’s best to direct your energy into those areas that offer you the best return on your ‘investment’.

SCORPIO: Make a move away from those who want to control your life and the people in it. You’ve become addicted to users and victims. You are starting to see this now. It’s a perfect time to seek out people and places you’ve never been exposed to.

SAGITTARIUS: Don’t be afraid to think big at this time. Even if you’re overwhelmed by the work and the demands of family and friends prioritize your activities. Remember, that practice makes perfect. Try to be gracious to others even if glaring mistakes are being made on their part. It’s not a bad idea to get serious about your work as well.

CAPRICORN: You need to point out badly thought-out plans to those you’re working. You clearly see the ramifications of sloppy work. Because of this, you’ve been fearful of committing to projects or people and opening your heart. It’s a hectic period and you’re likely to be a person on a mission.

AQUARIUS: Selfishness, jealousy and emotional game-playing make marital or romantic relationships unsettled during this time. You may experience excesses or extravagance in your social life. You might consider a creative profession to be appealing.

PISCES: New work opportunities through friends are favourable. Upping the ante on your resume and getting your letters of recognition and references in order will help you in any job seeking. ‘Your vitality is attracting help towards you , and radiant help should hold you in good stead.