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9 August 2020

ARIES: Being sentimental could draw you into the past. Remembering the good things is wonderful, but be prepared for reminiscences of the hard times as well. Take the good with the bad and remember, you are who you are as a result of all those experiences.

TAURUS: You need to quit being conservative and try to express your individuality. Being spontaneous today will give you a great sense of creative exhilaration. You should be ready to get some recognition at this time. Bring the force of your personality into your work and enjoy the situation.

GEMINI: Don’t allow fear to overwhelm you as you’re probably dealing with a paper tiger’someone who appears more powerful than they really are. Allow your confidence to shine through despite all that. If you’re unhappy in your personal life you’ll need to face what’s causing your dissatisfaction.

CANCER: Your past karma now yields good results due to the previous good actions. Some new information should come to light and will morph into some light-hearted fun and enjoyment. A good turn of fortune can be expected.

LEO: There’s no point in being a worthless partner or lover. If you’re asked to participate in your relationship you should throw your whole heart into it or….. throw it out. It may be time to invest in a new mobile phone or gadget.

VIRGO: Introductions may develop into something more, especially if you are single. Dealing with the exaggerations others may exasperate and exhaust you’ If someone is spinning a tall tale, cut that story down to size. Your pay packet may seem to be less than what it should be.

LIBRA: You need to make time to extend yourself and develop things that you love. You’ve been finding excuses to tether yourself to work rather than doing the things you truly enjoy. Today is an opportunity to change things.

SCORPIO: You may find yourself between a rock and a hard place when you discover a close friend or relative is in financial hardship. What do you do’ Do you help them and risk losing money or do you act selfishly’ Find a balanced approach. Help them to help themselves.

SAGITTARIUS: It’s quite likely you’ll restore balance in your life at this time. The first step to equilibrium is to take control of your own mental and emotional stability. You meet people who inspire you to take these measures seriously. You like the idea of investigating your true life purpose now.

CAPRICORN: If you are too progressive for your peer group you may be ridiculed or dismissed outright. Think your own thoughts but be careful whom you share them with. Some small talk, a cup of coffee with a friend and some light-hearted banter is just what the doctor ordered today.

AQUARIUS: Someone in your workplace offers assistance and this will surprise you. A team effort yields good results. You could be frustrated by your desire to travel because your financial means aren’t up to scratch. You need to ask for assistance from someone on the home front.

PISCES: You can see the sequel to a certain social situation will not be pleasant so why not sidestep it completely’ You can have challenging relations with women. You know that fortune favours the brave not only in business but in relationships as well.