8th September 2019


ARIES: A couple of aspects active now can give you a nice boost, particularly with work, health, and daily routines. You can learn something valuable or meaningful about any of these matters, and this can push you on a new path. You are determined to make improvements, so take advantage!
TAURUS: Today’s energies are excellent for meaningful conversations, as well as for gaining valuable insight into a person or desire. Communications are in great shape right now with increased depth, intensity, and sincerity. Sharing your plans with someone and perhaps brainstorming to improve them can be rewarding.
GEMINI: Your communications or thoughts hold increased power and passion today. You’re not content to only scratch the surface of an issue, preferring to see things all the way through. Fortunately, getting to the bottom of a matter is favored now.
CANCER: Deep subjects and previously hidden information can figure strongly now. Conversations or analyses and musings can lead to valuable insight into a person in your life, a relationship, or a project. You might bond with a special person over an intimate conversation or a powerful observation.
LEO: While you can begin the day feeling somewhat scattered, dear Leo, you’re likely to enjoy pleasant intensity as it advances. Current strengthening aspects benefit you most along practical lines, with money, work, health, and habits. Thinking a little more deeply about these matters can lead to valuable strategies and insight.
VIRGO: While the day’s energies are somewhat choppy in the first half, as the day advances, you become increasingly more focused and determined. Mercury in your sign harmonizes with Pluto, putting you in an advantageous position with creative projects, personal appeal, romance, or children.
LIBRA: You’re in a great position to see what others are overlooking, and you’re in a healthy place emotionally. The best way to truly process and digest recent experiences is through some form of relaxation or retreat. You may need to step back from situations to see the whole story.
SCORPIO: While the day can start off feeling somewhat up in the air, you’re in great shape for communications as the day advances. You’re in an ideal position to persuade, share, and connect. Learning flows well, or there’s a moment of truth and new insight into a friendship. Connections made now can be very fruitful.
SAGITTARIUS: While scattered energy continues into today, as the day advances, you’re in great shape for concentrating on your priorities. You might come to a valuable conclusion about a career or money matter. Business matters tend to thrive today–you have an intuitive sense of what is useful and what may be unessential and better off left behind you.
CAPRICORN: Current transits enhance your persuasive abilities,and stimulates good energy for reading, listening, conversing, learning, and absorbing valuable information. You may feel inspired by an idea or learn something that excites you and positively impacts future projects. A new interest or studies may be on the horizon.
AQUARIUS: The idea of making profound or long-lasting changes is very appealing to you today, especially after the somewhat scattered energies of the morning. You are in great shape for instinctively finding the information you need. Conversations and connections are likely to work very much in your favor.
PISCES: While the morning finds you somewhat unsettled or restless, you’ll find your focus is stronger as the day advances. It’s an excellent time for concentration and a sense of mission, passion, or purpose. An understanding with someone close to you can be a gentle form of relief.