8th May 2019


ARIES: Look closely at the one you love or care for and start speaking out about the things that aren’t acceptable to you. This way you’ll maintain some level of respect. Areas which those people have neglected in their duties create a negative impact on your life and reflect on them poorly now.
TAURUS: There’s an aspect of good fortune in your horoscope now. You’re worrying too much about money rather than trusting the universe which is always responding to your deepest needs. Trust is the operative word. You’re dealing with others much more emotionally than usual.
GEMINI: You will enjoy an emotional exchange with someone close to you. Just because you wasted opportunities like this previously yesterday doesn’t all mean you have to cut corners now. Balance your work with will a wonderful new creative energy which prevails.
CANCER: Reconnect with friends by talking about your favourite things and doing those activities you both enjoy. On the other hand, you may be ready to remove some people from your life completely. If you keep using the same tools and they’re not working you’ll find yourself in an endless emotional battle that’s of your own making.
LEO: You need to resurrect your creative impulses in spite of the fact that you still have had to earn as much as you can. But it’s not ONLY about earnings! Listen to the advice of a trusted friend if you need further assistance to work out a balance between the two.
VIRGO: Your capacity for success and your libido are now increasing and it seems both are a barometer of the other. But, you may have to deal with some sort of underhanded activity, either material or emotional. That which was forbidden in the past may be part of the picture of your life under these cycles.
LIBRA: You are seeing the world through pretty-coloured glasses and if you wish for greater success and friendship, this is adversely affecting your chances of the very outcome you desire. This can make you angry as you expect more of yourself and others and also know you’ve been on the wrong track.
SCORPIO: Your work brings additional financial benefits at this time, but only if you put your foot on the accelerator. Your output is minimal and this may be affecting your performance badly. You know you can do better. Quality plus quantity must go hand in hand.
SAGITTARIUS: Try to be gentle with those in your family or social circle as you must exercise restraint. You’re at a point where opportunity gives you distinct leverage. Your judgment is better today and speculative ventures go well, even on a hunch.
CAPRICORN: If you’re in a position of authority your judgement of the negative seems to outweigh the good at the moment and because of this, you could throw the baby out with the bath water. You mustn’t become embroiled in everyone’s problems as this is causing you to see less of the positive in situations.
AQUARIUS: You’re cooperative and interested in building bridges between yourself and others. Relationships should be harmonious and positive as long as you aren’t too impulsive or reactive. Friendships become deeper and more meaningful.
PISCES: Don’t shut down any relationship just yet. Refrain from talking too much and do more listening as this might give you special insights into what is actually going on. Attending lectures and meeting with others who have similar interests is on the cards today and this can also come in to provide a different perspective on things.