8th June 2019


ARIES: Don’t focus on trivia or stuff that exacerbate problems. Your defences are a little weaker than usual and you may find yourself accepting the easy road for the time being. Changes made now could have long-lasting consequences.
TAURUS: You are reasserting a resolution you made earlier. This is to improve yourself and make things better in your life as a whole. Be clear on the standards you set for yourself and if you’re not happy with where you are on your path, you can always change direction.
GEMINI: Financial strategies float to the top of your agenda and this will be your priority. It’s important to not begrudge this process as it will be part of a huge learning curve for you. Sure, you can make excuses as to why time is the dominating factor disallowing you to get this part of your life right but that’s simply procrastination.
CANCER: Giving can be better than receiving, so give others a chance to enjoy your generosity. Your energy will be bright and you want to share that as well. If you’re dealing with friends who are a little pushy, non-verbal communication and quiet assertiveness always work wonders.
LEO: If you bide your time, you’ll be able to make a much bolder and effective statement later on. Remaining an island unto yourself will slow you down and team play is most definitely an asset to you. You have competitive instincts which help you in your work.
VIRGO: You mustn’t forget that friends are human. You can only help them by understanding that they are prone to flaws of character like anyone else. Your expansive thinking may be a way to help someone but don’t let that detract from your own personal needs.
LIBRA: Someone is trying to coerce you into helping them out. If your intuition doesn’t feel right about it, then you know what the answer is, right? You may meet someone who rubs you up the wrong way and so this will be a test of your own ability to diplomatically deal with them.
SCORPIO: Your instinctive reactions cause you to stand in defense of your own viewpoints. It’s time to get to work and investigate those things which are causing you to be like this. There are troubling issues sitting beneath the surface. You need to deal with those things first.
SAGITTARIUS: You’ve created a rather expensive lifestyle habit and now need to feed it. Avoid making binding contracts at this time as well because the promises may be somewhat hollow and you may not realise that until after the horse has bolted.
CAPRICORN: You should be able to easily predict the outcome of a relationship by studying carefully that person’s reactions throughout the past. You could be flying blind if you don’t keenly understand their motivations.
AQUARIUS: You may need to forfeit your own needs to focus on those of your partner or spouse. Although you are hard pressed for time, acting in support of your loved ones to solve their problems will, in a roundabout way, come back to benefit you, karmically, without a doubt.
PISCES: You’ll most importantly need to take stock and prioritize the significant and insignificant things in your life now. You have a break on your mind and it’s most certainly the time to make plans and bookings as well.