8th June 2018


ARIES: Talk with those who can help you get the ball rolling. Financial advice is recommended in order to gauge your true material worth and get the happy results you seek. Give your imagination free rein and see where it leads. You will not welcome interruptions. Romance is fun today.
TAURUS: This is an agreeable time to confer with your co-workers or an adviser, but an individual you meet today may not be showing his true colours, giving the impression it’s all a waste of time. Do you feel betrayed by a friend? Cheer up. A close friendship promises to bring you more intimacy and pleasure now.
GEMINI: You will do well if you mingle with the brass today. Put your emotional energy into a passion, not anxiety Money can be made if you use your ingenuity. There will be new associates and friends, bringing fresh ideas and insight to your life path.
CANCER: It’s a good time to take risks, as your drive is on the upswing. Financial negotiations should end on a positive note. Behind the scenes, efforts bring positive results. A home-based job sounds quite lucrative at first but discussions concerning money may be rather tricky.
LEO: Misunderstandings may creep in at some point, so double check the details before starting out on a new project. It may be wise to retract your steps to a more secure position. You will find a more constructive outlet for your frustrations. Changes at home are likely but they can exceed your budget.
VIRGO: It’s hard to relax, as unfinished jobs or mechanical chores begin to pop up. You may find yourself in a lot of hot water if you don’t keep up. You could try to abstain from gossip (eek!), but definitely avoid any unnecessary tasks that are looming.
LIBRA: You will have a problem sorting out your true feelings when it comes to your relationship. You will find their philosophies worth exploring. You need to control your temper and deal with the situation rationally. Your trendy style and unique way of doing things will entice new acquaintances.
SCORPIO: The opposition is present and you should be prepared to counteract it as best you can. Based on your excitement, serious-minded individuals will be more than interested in backing your ideas. You will be popular with acquaintances; however, loved ones could feel left out and insecure.
SAGITTARIUS: Work-wise, you may not be ready to give as much as you receive. You could put off a decision for a while, as you want more information for further backup. Preparation for an upcoming celebration or party could keep you busy. The chemistry between you and your sweetheart bubbles, as the need to experiment rises.
CAPRICORN: You may want to do too many things at the same time so the day is likely to remain hectic. Someone may be evasive and give you unnecessary trouble. You find a colleague difficult to get along with. A surprise expense arises but should be worth it. Couples find new depths of understanding.
AQUARIUS: Put your thoughts into action. If everyone wants to do their own thing, let them. You can make changes to your living quarters that should please family members. You will attract members of the opposite sex readily. You will be compassionate and considerate to people of lesser fortune; some charitable activities are also foretold.
PISCES: You can discuss your feelings behind closed doors with your family. Instant romance could be yours if you go out with friends. Romantic encounters are evident through travel or educational pursuits. Put your plans into motion by presenting your intentions to those who should be able to give you financial support.