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8th January 2020

ARIES: You can gain some nice insight into professional or life path goals and projects today, dear Aries, by letting your mind wander and allowing your imagination to roam free. Energies stimulate your creativity in both delightful and useful ways. Rather than logical or rote thinking, today’s best for intuitive thinking and connecting through mental chemistry.
TAURUS: Today’s energies help smooth over the rough edges of your life in subtle but happy ways, and a soothing or inspiring conversation may be part of this. New ideas and plans fare particularly well and are very creative. Even the smallest gestures go a long way now, so be sure to reach out.
GEMINI: You benefit from feeling particularly comfortable today, dear Gemini, and this encourages your imagination. You may very well solve a puzzling problem without a whole lot of effort, as this can be more of a moment of an epiphany than the result of hard thinking. Self-expression is comfortable and open.
CANCER: Today and the next few are powerful for gaining perspective. It can be a wonderful time for making connections and enjoying imaginative conversations. Work or practical matters are in good favor, too, primarily because you’re feeling more dedicated (and happily so) to what you’re doing.
LEO: Good energy is with you for relaxing the mind today, and all the benefits that result from this process. This may involve keeping yourself busy but doing something soothing that you genuinely enjoy. Meditating in motion is favored now if you’re active.
VIRGO: The day tends to promote increased ease or a freeing feeling of acceptance of your current circumstances. You might have a mind-opening experience now as you entertain unusual and different perspectives. You can come to a helpful new view of a matter that bothered you in the past.
LIBRA: There can be something meaningful to learn from (or about) a family member today. You’ll find it easier than usual to open up and enjoy conversations with this kind of atmosphere since there is little or no pressure to be accurate and on the ball. Imagination is stirred, and this is particularly prominent in your conversations today.
SCORPIO: There is powerfully creative and patient energy with you today, and this can be therapeutic, helping you to unwind and enjoy yourself. It’s a fine time for imagination and conversations that inspire. You have excellent support for enjoying pet projects, studies, or creative pursuits.
SAGITTARIUS: Pleasant conversations can be part of the day, particularly with or about family, or related to domestic matters. Your intuition for money or business is quite excellent, and money-making ideas can be golden now. You are communicative and persuasive, and conversations can be imaginative and quite inspiring.
CAPRICORN: Conversations can be inspiring, and you’d do well to take note of ideas coming to mind now. Working with others towards a common goal can be very useful, and it’s easy to smooth over differences with others. You might instead pick up where you left off with someone you care about today.
AQUARIUS: Conversations can help inspire you and stimulate your objectivity as you come to a more comfortable perspective on a situation. Finding lost items or filling in the blanks can figure strongly now, and artistic pursuits can blossom. On a mental plane, it’s better to pull back from the details and think more holistically.
PISCES: It’s not necessarily about agreeing–it’s more about seeing one another’s perspective. For some of you, there can be a meaningful connection made with a friend today, and it feels good to interact, share, and accept.