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8th January 2019

ARIES: There may be conflict between you and someone else over money matters, but try not to let things get out of hand. Financial deals may have hidden excesses, gotchas that eventually cause them to collapse under their own weight. Be sure to have permission before helping yourself to someone else’s resources!
TAURUS: It’s an ego-boosting phase when your efforts ought to be successful. A confident attitude attracts the people and success you are looking for. Push yourself forward and use the efforts of others to your advantage, or plan to do so tomorrow. Your physical efforts may bring recognition or a position.
GEMINI: You won’t be any good to others if you don’t take care of yourself, so make sure you are getting the rest, exercise and nutrition you need. It’s the Equinox, when health comes into focus; remember that breaking bad habits is always easier if you begin good habits at the same time. Do something positive for yourself today!
CANCER: You may be under a great deal of stress. You just can’t please anyone at the moment, so stop trying to please everyone. Your partner and your career hold the most sway with you now, so try to reach a compromise between them. If that doesn’t work, just tell the world to take a hike.
LEO: Be careful not to overextend yourself. You may be tempted to make promises you cannot keep. Try to plan your day realistically, guarding against over-scheduling. If you try to please everyone you will end up pleasing no one. Find a way to please yourself that might be agreeable to others.
VIRGO: Pay attention to quality and detail as you complete your tasks. Everything from the food you serve and eat, to the way you file your papers can have meaning. Communication, especially with those of another race or culture, seems difficult and things may take a surprising turn.
LIBRA: If you are having money troubles, stay well clear of family members, especially females, who urge you to spend! Look over your budget, your values and your priorities. If they are compatible and complementary, everything should be falling into place nicely. If not, it may be time to face reality.
SCORPIO: While there is a jumble of things going on today, the underlying energy for you is fortunate. Your intellect is awake and the potential for taking your true being to a new level is high. The power of love fires you up, and a meeting of minds can be yours, along with the potent emotional games that go with the cut of Cupid’s arrow.
SAGITTARIUS: Travel, publishing and personal growth are in the wind and you will either send or receive valuable information. Friendships are subject to a blockage or two, but it’s your internal spirit that is blossoming.
CAPRICORN: Communications about money should be brilliant, which will top off a generally excellent day. You can put a lot of energy into achieving your aims, because friends and colleagues will be more supportive than usual. Keep a sense of humour, as anything that does not go so well is likely to be a temporary malfunctioning of one sort or another.
AQUARIUS: Enjoy whatever quiet and solitude you can find. Career benefits are there, but really it is time to recharge your spiritual batteries. Focus on those activities that help restore your soul. Curl up with a book, or share the evening with someone whose company you enjoy.
PISCES: Money and status through inheritance, business partners or marriage occupies your mind. You are confronted with difficult situations, but increased determination and willpower make you more demanding and critical.