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8th February 2019

ARIES: You might be recognized for your perceptiveness and shrewdness today. It’s also an active time for finding new value in resources you already have, and for identifying patterns that have been holding you back from allowing others to see your worth and value.
TAURUS: Take the pressure off! Even so, it’s also a strong couple of days for networking and for considering the team or the group, rather than feeling that you have to go it alone. You may very well come to the aid of a friend or associate.
GEMINI: This can be a good time to consider adjusting your approach on a professional level, dear Gemini, or redesigning your long-term goals to reflect your inner world more accurately. This can involve work from the ground up – revamping, reforming, and transforming efforts – and requires a real commitment of time and energy.
CANCER: This is a time for moving out of your comfort zone just a little, dear Cancer, so that you feel that you are truly living your life rather than merely going through the motions. Strengthening your relationships is a major theme now, and sometimes this requires giving up the reins and taking a leap of faith.
LEO: Today and tomorrow, rallying up the support of colleagues or higher-ups can be more natural than usual, dear Leo, although there is no need to push anything right now – sometimes it’s best just to present your case and let things rest, as it projects confidence.
VIRGO: You are gaining deep and transforming self-knowledge through your relationships with others, and your encounters tend to be fateful in quality. Through your interactions this week, you are given a window into the more hidden aspects of your own personality.
LIBRA: Your observations and input are especially wise right now, and others tend to appreciate your thoroughness and sensitivity to their needs. You seem to quickly cut through appearances to get to the heart of a matter, person, or situation today and tomorrow.
SCORPIO: It’s a time for particular satisfaction from reworking and enhancing existing relationships or projects rather than striking out and doing something new altogether. There may be a shift in power necessary to move something forward, and it’s easier to see the benefits of doing so now.
SAGITTARIUS: Family, home, and work matters tend to fare exceptionally well, as your intuition for these things is right on the mark today and tomorrow. You can barrel through work tasks, making light of endeavors that typically take much longer to complete, as you ride on this enthusiasm and confidence.
CAPRICORN: You’re in particularly good shape for communicating, sharing, and expressing affection. Confidence is easy and natural with mental tasks today. You are courageous emotionally, and you can talk your way in, out, or around pretty much anything you want right now. Others are naturally drawn to you and admire your style.
AQUARIUS: You might also be comforted by a sense that you share core values with family or someone close to you. Or, clashes with family that have been troublesome are more easily identifiable, and while resolution doesn’t mean there will no longer be differences, it does point to acceptance and increased understanding.
PISCES: You are the go-to person now. This can have the effect of maturing you quite quickly as it finds you at your very best–you thoroughly enjoy being supportive and of help. It’s generally a strong day for personal influence. The ability to talk fearlessly about complicated matters is present–and appreciated!