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8th December 2018

ARIES: New information helps you find a way to choose well in a career goal. Put that dictatorial approach aside or be ready to lose what’s in your hand. You can make plans to travel somewhere along with a friend, but the news you receive may be misleading. Lots of sparks flying between the two of you can be a good thing.
TAURUS: Try not to let distractions undermine your productivity. Financially, luck smiles on you but surprise expenses may present some difficulties. Praise and recognition for your efforts are indicated. A family member may not see the merit of your ideas, but a gift from your sweetheart shows the depth of your relationship.
GEMINI: Shrewd thinking is an asset in whatever you undertake today, but if you are dealing with a new client, don’t hide a minor fact. You have every chance of success anyway. You may feel an urge for a new living environment. The things that usually make life fun for you are now changing. In romance, you’ll be more magnetic than ever.
CANCER: Tensions at work may result in headaches if you carry some of the tensions home, Spend time in the company of friends who are supportive. Money can be made if you are quick to act on an amazing deal. This should be the right time to catch up with those family members that you have neglected a bit of late. Light moments can lead to passionate discoveries.
LEO: You find yourself loaded with increased responsibilities, but some people may resent your use of power. Be wary of information that sounds too good to be true, as a positive trend regarding finances could prompt impulsive spending. You may get more involved with a romantic interest and develop a deeper understanding.
VIRGO: Don’t be surprised if you face unexpected behavior from seniors. Stock up on the necessities for an upcoming event. There’s an irresistible curiosity to explore new avenues today, but you might have to spend some time in difficult company. In romance, a friendship could develop into a sweetening bond.
LIBRA: Luck is on your side when it comes to your ability to negotiate profitable deals. Today you’ll be more confident and convincing to those in authority. It is time to take a serious note about money, how you earn it and how you manage it. If your love relationship has been a bit strained, consider dining out with your sweetheart.
SCORPIO: Expect a fairly routine day where you can accomplish more than usual by just putting in little effort. Moderation is your best bet in business, which could bring in added benefits. Financial prospects may not be as bright as expected. You could possibly drop some long cherished desires. You’ll share some magic moments.
SAGITTARIUS: Too many things on your mind could make your schedule hard to manage. Careful diplomacy is required to obtain an opportunity that can change the direction of your life. A visit to an old friend should be just what you need. A situation appears where you might miss a domestic responsibility in favour of time with your sweetheart.
CAPRICORN: It’s a favourable day when you can concentrate on personal plans. Financial progress prompts you to make ambitious purchases. A friend could need your help with a practical matter. Intimate conversations with your lover may turn into heated arguments.
AQUARIUS: Explore new courses that can help with positive changes you’ve been looking for in your career direction. Be careful not to let a familiar person get the wrong impression about you. Wise choices help when it comes to spending. Be sure you know the difference between needs and wants. More romantic possibilities are there. While your mate is eager to fly with you, don’t push your luck.
PISCES: Recognition for the efforts you’ve put in recently is forthcoming, but the spotlight may also expose you to more competition. Work-wise, you need to maintain ultimate control to stay on top. Fix your eye on what’s important. Be prepared for your love life to take a couple of steps backwards.