8th August 2018


ARIES: You are likely to feel a change within yourself today. You might feel detached from your spouse. New projects are likely to take off under your command. An excellent time for financial investments. You will be attracted to someone you just met at work.
TAURUS: Your popularity at your workplace will be in great force throughout the day. Finally, your hard work pays. Be ready for an unexpected bonus or a substantial raise in the salary. Domestic front needs special attention. Work hard but keep your health in check as a little carelessness may cause you big trouble.
GEMINI: Matters connected to a position at work and children will gain precedence over everything else today. An old romance might rekindle but watchout and don’t spoil your present with something you don’t have a future with. The past has never haunted you in this manner, as today.
CANCER: Watch out for the sudden loss of wealth and high expenditure. Renewal of life will come through a new relationship, while for others life is bringing in someone new. If you like someone today is the day to be expressive of your feelings. You are sure to get a pleasant reply. There are likely to be unwanted disputes and controversies at the place of work.
LEO: If you have been waiting for the position that has been evading you for so long, you are likely to get it today. Your position at place of work will become better and might be a cause of the envy of your colleagues. Be careful of a person who will try to malign you.
VIRGO: Be patient and also keep your words under control today as you might hurt someone very dear. You will review your relationship with your spouse. Some good awards and honours are also on the cards. Praise and appreciation will lend confidence. Keep emotions and feelings on the side and take a more balanced view of things.
LIBRA: You are heading towards recognition that was long due, so act wisely. Be very careful with your health today. All the running around and working hard could lead you to some serious health problem. The education of children will be on top priority for you. Working women will need to reflect on their relationship with parents.
SCORPIO: An excellent day for students appearing for entrance examinations. Remember whatever you study today will help a long way in achieving your goals. The fate is turning in your favour. Take care that you do not let any sudden happening waver you from your goal. You are full of enthusiasm and zest. Make use of this energy in a positive and constructive manner.
SAGITTARIUS: Beware of misplacing of valuables. The workplace is going to change for sure and you will be an important instrument in this change. Domestic hang-ups will be resolved after a long time and the peace at home will be a permanent feature now. You will be inclined towards social service. The health of children might be a cause for concern.
CAPRICORN: Today is the day to create romantic memories. Spend some special moments with your soulmate. Money flows in reaping gains for the decisions you had made in the past. But invest this money after a lot of thought. If required take some expert advice. Don’t get involved in an argument with an elder relative.
AQUARIUS: You will attend important meetings today Some training might require you to go out of town for some time. Projects with foreigners will reap in great profits. You have immense confidence, growth and expansion are assured. You are sure to move ahead, emotionally, mentally and professionally.
PISCES: You begin the day on a serious note. Act with care and prudence as enemies at workplace emerge out of nowhere. Try to meditate to keep your cool and calm. Health ailments from the past might resurface, so be extra careful with your health. Listen to the advice of elders at home.