8th April 2019


ARIES: You can be see-sawing between caution and the desire to push forward today, and decision-making can undoubtedly suffer as a result. If you can, leave it for a time when more facts are available to you and you’re more confident and aware of what you truly want.
TAURUS: You can feel impulsive at times today, and your attractions, whether to material objects, situations, or people, can be unusual or sudden, but may not last for very long. Ideally, these stimulate new thinking.
GEMINI: There can be short spells of impatience today that could prompt actions that you later regret, so it’s best to aim to act from the heart rather than blindly reacting to what’s going on around you.
CANCER: You might enjoy a renewed sense of purpose or dedication to a particular path that comes as a result of new insight or methods and approaches discovered now.
LEO: You can have eye-opening experiences and discoveries that may be powerful enough to alter the way you look at your life, your belief systems, your philosophy, or could push you along an educational path or to enjoy new mental interests.
VIRGO: It can be difficult to judge the real value of things, people, and possibly even situations when you’re feeling impulsive or restless. There can be some fickleness in relationships or canceled social engagement to manage.
LIBRA: It may be best to avoid trying to persuade others to make changes today, as there is somewhat rebellious energy to the day that can keep people from humbling themselves to others’ advice.
SCORPIO: The need for excitement is strong today and tomorrow, but you’re also hungry for balance and steadiness. A bit of a tug of war can result if you let yourself get caught up in what others are and aren’t doing.
SAGITTARIUS: Putting your faith in others’ schedules or promises today could be a lesson in frustration today, and your best bet is to change things up a little so that you’re not repeating the same old patterns.
CAPRICORN: It may be best to channel your energy into tasks that require physical effort or that genuinely improve your personal environment, as energy left unchanneled could easily become nervous tension.
AQUARIUS: Whims not just for material things can be in strong focus, and ideally, they lead you to new and more inspired ways of thinking or relating instead of to a state of regret.
PISCES: Productivity may be low in some areas today, as your desire for ease and pleasure is stronger than usual and can interfere with work.