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8 July 2020

ARIES: Secrets come out into the open and conversations have a greater sincerity and depth than usual. Thankfully your feelings and reactions are under control. What you hear may not be exactly what you expect. If you have your emotions under control you’ll be able to work through the issues.

TAURUS: You could be overwhelmed by a work project because you haven’t adequately prepared. You realise that you’re behind schedule and won’t quite know how to deal with it. Property and related money issues surface now.

GEMINI: Health matters concern you now. Improving your well-being is uppermost in your mind. Study your past and consider the reasons your physical health may have been undermined. For the most part, this has been largely within your control.

CANCER: You feel mentally agitated and need to confront others concerning issues you’ve been too afraid to bring up. If you’re dissatisfied with some aspect of a persons behaviour, don’t bottle your feelings up. This is exactly what you’ve been doing.

LEO: You feel tired or worn out in your relationship. You need to give it a kick-start somehow. There’s so much expected of you now that you’re finding it hard to bring yourself back into intimacy. You have so many mixed feelings about your relationships. You are unable to sift through to the core emotions.

VIRGO: Your work relationships intensify now. Try to be more aware of your tendency to be compulsive and also overly controlling. Sleepless nights are bothering you. You can’t seem to switch off. Somehow, you must learn to leave work and business at the office.

LIBRA: You’re working too hard. You believe it because you’re overdoing it. The real reason is that you’re not connected to what you’re doing. You’re being pulled in many directions at once under this cycle. Scattering your forces, jumping from one thing to the next, is whats depleting you of energy.

SCORPIO: You feel like you’ve been in a prison of sorts. It’s now time to break out. You must somehow jump into the slipstream of what’s current and what people want. You have to figure out how you can relate to that.

SAGITTARIUS: In your drive to capitalise on opportunities, don’t step on others’ toes. You’re intellectually competitive at the moment, but no ones giving you enough of a chance. Perhaps its the challenge that you need but is afraid to confront that fact.

CAPRICORN: You’re playing catch up with your finances. You realise that you must approach money from a completely different angle. You’ve been isolated in your approach to material values. This means you need to be more inclusive with your spouse or partner.

AQUARIUS: Take a gamble on your life. If you don’t try something, how are you ever going to know whether your life could have been any better? You don’t have to gamble everything. You can test the water first. Make sure you have a buffer so that if things don’t go exactly to plan all is not lost.

PISCES: You’re starting an excellent cycle at this time. You still, however, need to collect more information. Get your energies aligned. You need to specifically take time out to revitalise your business focus. This is best done in a natural setting, rather than a boisterous city environment.