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8 August 2020

ARIES: Romance or confusion, perhaps both are possible today. You could be swimming in a sea of emotions at present. Into that sea, the old you is dissolving. Meanwhile, unless your intuition gives you strong override signals, delay major decisions and important new commitments.

TAURUS: You’re interested in improving the dietary habits and general well-being of your family. You realise that you must set an example otherwise you’ll feel the hypocrisy of the situation. So this could be a time where you start to improve your lifestyle habits.

GEMINI: You feel suspicious of others and have good reason to. Emotional blackmail is something you won’t. Unfortunately, you may have to deal with it one way or another. Anyone overstepping the bounds of fair play and relationship will feel your swift rebuttal.

CANCER: You’re going to have collaborative discussions with co-workers about a variety of issues. You want to share information with them. You should only reveal what’s absolutely essential as it may be used against you.

LEO: You’ll be caught up defending your position. In doing so you may fail to take into consideration the feelings of others. You mustn’t act on a knee-jerk reaction. Rather take a deep breath and count to ten. Developing awareness is the only way to improve character flaws.

VIRGO: You find it stressful balancing your need for independence with those responsibilities of your intimate relationship. You want to retire to the safety and comfort of your own home as a means of protecting yourself. Others feel you’re behaving odd or aloof which put them off somewhat.

LIBRA: There are adjustments to deal with at work. You may be feeling the pressure. Your performance may fall below their expectations. You feel as if you’re doing your best but that may not be enough. You are intense in your opinions right now.

SCORPIO: You need to take action to repair, correct or reinstate yourself and your business affairs. Old habits die hard. What used to work at one stage may not be working quite as well especially with the changing marketplace. Interestingly, you’ll also embark on a pleasurable pursuit, shopping spree or new business venture.

SAGITTARIUS: Someone you know is displaying a lack of emotional control regarding their personal habits. The communication style may also be somewhat offensive. You have to take an authoritative position. Set limits on their demands even if you risk disapproval.

CAPRICORN: You find solace in returning to some previous environment. It that gave you more satisfaction you try to find a way back to it. It could be a sanctuary or place that gives you a sense of peace and equilibrium. If this phase of your life comes to an end, delving into your past may be a way of tying up these circumstantial loose ends.

AQUARIUS: There’s an activation of your subconscious energies now. That can result in several possible consequences. Great power comes through understanding and dealing with submerged feelings. You encounter many events and situations that bring old, buried memories to the surface.

PISCES: If you’ve been ailing, you’re on the road to recovery. The good news concerning medical issues arrives now. This could indicate a ‘new age’ or herbal type treatment even if you’re not open to ‘alternatives’. Many of these issues relate to not being able to draw the line between work and personal matters.