7th September 2019


ARIES: You must remain wary of those pumping your ego for no apparent reason. There’s a reason but it’s escaped your attention because people simply want something from you. The ego is often blinding so if someone’s buttering you up now, it’s important to understand and come up with an appropriate response.
TAURUS: More and more accessories are not going to make you a happy person. Earning more money is also not the solution although right now you’re focused on increasing income with a view to lifting your lifestyle and inner happiness.
GEMINI: Blazing zest is what you need to get things done now especially on the work front. Unadulterated charm may not be enough to achieve your objectives over the next few days though. But you can rely on a newfound sense of curiosity to effectively push your agenda through.
CANCER: That crackling in the foreground of your brain is the sound of unrest and it relates specifically to your most significant ‘other’ who may be dissatisfied with what you’re planning right now. There’s no doubt that you have loads of energy and drive to achieve things but could be leaving others behind.
LEO: Your success will be characterised by the level of composure you bring to any negotiations now. Expect some unexpected twists and turns in contracts, discussions and other social engagements. Fortunately, you have a much keener insight during this cycle.
VIRGO: Originality is your keyword now so be careful not to overuse catchphrases and ideas. Present some originality. You want to make an impact and first impressions are extremely important. If you’re attending meetings of any sort, it’s important to make a striking first impression which will last.
LIBRA: How can you possibly persuade someone who has a myopic view of things? Arguing for the sake of proving you are right may simply tire you out and not really change another person’s mind in the end. This is a case of valuing your own time and directing it to areas which are going to give you the best return on your investment.
SCORPIO: Psychoanalysis and deeper psychological intuition reveal some unusual character traits of those you thought were “normal” but who are otherwise acting out of character. You could be a glutton for punishment staying for the long haul while aware of character flaws that are causing problems.
SAGITTARIUS: You may have felt paralyzed lately so to speak, especially over making a financial decision which hasn’t been at all clear in your mind. ‘Pride precedeth a fall’ as they say and so it serves you better to admit to yourself that you don’t have all the answers rather than regretting your decisions later.
CAPRICORN: You could meet a counterfeit individual but still see something redeeming in their character. Weigh up the pros and cons before committing yourself to anyone during this cycle. As there is a greater focus on dealing with the public, you may find that all that glitters is not gold as far as integrity is concerned.
AQUARIUS: Did you know you can live ‘childlike’ in life by being creative and enjoying the moment? Relationships are strongly focused along these lines and require your most sensitive creativity to make them work. Trying not to be intellectual about emotional matters is difficult and this could be the issue you’re confronted with.
PISCES: You may be busy trying to work out how to improve your domestic situation. All that stress leads to an overdose of chocolate at times. Yes, chocolate may be your only way out of a stressful domestic situation.