7th June 2019


ARIES: You’re probably your own worst enemy today because you’re looking at the situation from the wrong perspective. Put a positive spin on wherever it is you are at present. Advancement in your romantic affairs can be expected now. Associations with people with creative urges will lift you up.
TAURUS: This transit of Venus in your Sun sign brings about a need to become more realistic and better organized about your creativity and offspring – artistic or biological. This is a time for serious pleasures, for improving your performance, and for learning creative techniques.
GEMINI: It’s a natural time to think through your problems right now. Many things are influencing your thinking. You’re in a better position to deal with hidden psychological aspects of your personality so that you can become a better person all-round.
CANCER: You mustn’t be afraid of life and especially financial problems which come and go. If you don’t have enough confidence, you must develop it through greater research and understanding. You need to break the ties with those who are negatively impacting you over and over again.
LEO: You may decide to start a whole new life path for yourself at present. Your professional achievements can be greater in the coming months because of an application to your work with greater self-confidence. Improved work relationships are also assured.
VIRGO: You will go through some unusual and unexpected changes in your attitudes. Today could be a quickening of that process as your perspective is in the mode of change. Be prepared to keep up with what’s happening and welcome change with open arms.
LIBRA: Restlessness and discontent with some of your friendships and social alliances may be an undercurrent now. Consequently, you’re not going to subject yourself to people who are not reciprocating your generosity. You may even decide to end some friendships now.
SCORPIO: At this time, you can easily reverse some unhealthy habits and patterns in your lifestyle. It could seem like a really lousy time, but is actually a time to deal with these issues. Be prepared for some technical issues or complications in getting things to work correctly.
SAGITTARIUS: Tact and discretion mean taking a far more direct approach in your relationships. Some of them has reached a point of inaction. You need to put a bomb under them to get things moving. Someone’s unacceptable behaviour requires drastic steps for the good of the group.
CAPRICORN: You have an opportunity to capitalize on real estate. Take stock of what you possess and what you owe, but don’t go into too much debt if you can help it. Someone may make a commitment to you that seem legitimate, but can they fulfil their promise? Read between the lines to get the whole truth.
AQUARIUS: Slow your thinking down a little, as it can help make clearer decisions in a quicker time. Don’t be thinking or talking a mile a minute today as you may gloss over important facts and figures. This is also not the best time for a hard sell.
PISCES: A spirit of cooperation and shared ideals gives a distinct lift to your career pursuits at this time. You can move forward with satisfying, inspiring quality. Supervisors and co-workers also seem to be more cooperative with you.