7th June 2018


ARIES: You may have to bring the extra work home to be able to cope with your professional requirements. You’ll barely have time for your sweetheart and this shall put a strain on your relationship.
TAURUS: It’s time to show the world exactly what you are made of. You want peace, beauty and harmony internally and within your immediate surrounds. Relationships need to raise themselves to your expectations, or you will move on.
GEMINI: While you may be feeling healthy, don’t take it for granted. It might be the time to reconsider a new love relationship. There may be a change in the offing in your life. You may feel some uncertainties troubling your mind.
CANCER: Due to increase in expenses, you shall not be able to make both ends meet out of your regular income and may have to take some loans. You have to curb your expenditure in order to avoid the downward trend in your finances.
LEO: No longer will you settle for imbalance, especially when it involves your profession. Life takes a deeper twist, as you aim for a balance between equality and fairness.
VIRGO: If you consider all aspects and agree to some modification so as to be more accommodating, you will find both personal and professional contentment.
LIBRA: Monetarily it is a good day and you shall be able to enjoy the goodies of life Make an appointment, enrol in a class, make this day proactive and take one giant step forward. Don’t hesitate or allow doubt to sway your inner judgment.
SCORPIO: Your bank balance may see the bottom if you cannot control your desires at the right time. You shall feel generally low and drained out and shall lead a less active life.
SAGITTARIUS: Your mind is a whirl with future possibilities takes the plunge with one of these crazy schemes. However, money scene shall be stable but you will still try to keep a tight control over your expenditure.
CAPRICORN: Move outside your comfort zone, meet new and exciting people, a pitch that business concept; try something new. Your communications are direct, blunt and honest, which ultimately brings the successful outcome you seek.
AQUARIUS: Today rocks your stability and you are undecided on which path to follow. An unexpected romantic possibility can easily blossom into a true soul mate connection, yet for others, new information revealed brings a startling new perspective to love.
PISCES: You are focused and your plan is solid. Prepared to do the hard yards to create your aspirations just as you have visualized, now is the time to jump.The mood becomes more relaxed, quite social really, and you are able to be the rock of support for another in need.