7th July 2019


ARIES: It’s possible you’ll need to handle re-emerging old problems or wait for an answer to a question that keeps you in a state of limbo. However, this can also be a great chance to catch up in other areas of life and to do some rethinking of matters.
TAURUS: You may experience more delays related to home, domestic matters, and finances. Think in terms of evaluation and development rather than pushing something entirely new.
GEMINI: You might experience some delays due to misunderstood communications, transportation problems or repairs, and possibly computer-related difficulties. Schooling matters may not go as expected but speed bumps encountered now are unlikely to be serious ones, merely inconvenient.
CANCER: There can be a change of mind or interest, possibly even a bit of regret when it comes to what’s said or begun now and in recent days. Today’s energies are friendly despite possible misunderstandings. You can feel refreshed by others’ open-mindedness now.
LEO: You may feel misunderstood at times, and you might benefit from taking a little extra time to make sure you’re clear in your communications. Of course, it’s not all up to you, but it can help to do your part!
VIRGO: Trusting your instincts may not be as straightforward as usual, and you may be looking back a lot more than you are looking forward. Past mistakes can return for your attention.
LIBRA: Friendships may involve some backtracking or slow-downs during this time. You’d be wise to be a little more alert to possible misunderstandings than usual when it comes to dealings with friends and groups or associates.
SCORPIO: Past matters and projects can be rehashed or recirculating. There can be a need to review debts and obligations or to reassess a relationship. While it’s a favorable time for refining long-term goals and career projects, there can be some confusion surrounding business plans or communications.
SAGITTARIUS: There can be inconveniences and slowdowns that may be blessings in disguise as you turn your attention to problems you didn’t know existed but that, once corrected, help you tremendously. This particular cycle doesn’t look especially hard for you.
CAPRICORN: Decision-making is not straightforward as you search within for answers and need more time to arrive at conclusions. This period is favorable, however, for reviewing joint finances and debts as well as for analyzing past decisions and projects.
AQUARIUS: Some of the things you’ve started or communicated recently might need some touching up, or you could be waiting for information that keeps you in limbo. This may very well give you the chance to consider other angles that benefit you.
PISCES: Matters related to house, home, and family can also face a few delays or trickiness. There may be some inconveniences, slowdowns, delays, or turnarounds during this cycle, but these can lead to significant improvements and edits.