7th July 2018


ARIES: You’re going to have to let a lot of unimportant matters drop, especially those to do with other people playing politics or jostling one another in the effort to score points. Get focused on what’s important as the day progresses, ensuring that your productivity genes are washed and ready to wear for the coming eclipse. Work and responsibility are sounding the clarion call and you have to answer.
TAURUS: Material success is on the cards today and self awareness ensures harmonious relationships with others. Children will have a happy day with loved ones, forging deeper bonds.
GEMINI: The people in your life who have some kind of hold over you – authority figures, parents, teachers, bosses – are more of a nuisance than usual at the moment. You are probably feeling rather discouraged: but do it tactfully. If you can push your pet project just a little bit further, then you’ll find everything will fall into place.
CANCER: Delays in communications will be very annoying today. Do not hesitate to present your ideas to those who may be able to offer the assistance you are looking for. Be persistent but respectful. Someone may try to take credit for something that is yours and others may misinterpret you on this topsy turvy day.
LEO: Your varied interests may provide you with a good shot at a leadership position. Get involved in groups, organisations or community service, if you aren’t already. You’ll get the support you need to put your ideas into motion. There could be delays which are very frustrating, but really they’re just minor hiccups.
VIRGO: New work assignments come to you through recently established contacts but beware: you have to manage a fine balancing act between your career and your home life and it won’t be easy!
LIBRA: If you can be patient and knuckle down, you’ll fare much better. The trouble with the current cosmic influence, is that it tends to make you erratic. You are disciplined for a little while, but then you become resentful and fly off the handle.
SCORPIO: Family matters claim your attention during the first half of the day and you may make several short distance trips in connection with this. Your health shouldn’t be causing you any problems and your partner will be caring and supportive – provided you didn’t dump them yesterday!
SAGITTARIUS: Don’t let your stubborn attitude ruin things for you under .your future looks bright at the moment but you must put an investment plan in place – preferably one where you can’t touch the money for a while. If someone is holding you back from something you know you should be doing, perhaps it’s also time to re- evaluate that relationship.
CAPRICORN: Set your sights high because at last you can realise your dreams and aspirations, make money from career-related activities and have serious fun with other people’s children in your life. Your career shall expand and you can expect some financial assistance from friends and associates.
AQUARIUS: Stay away from overindulgent people today, as they may lead you astray! Don’t get carried away… With a little research you’ll be able to produce better quality work in less time. Courses in creative computer skills could be very beneficial now: the more you know, the further you will advance. Look to individuals you trust and respect for sound advice and information.
PISCES: It’s time to do a bit of housekeeping. This is the perfect time to organize and tidy up if you’ve been letting things slide; you might find you even enjoy the physical exercise of house work. Spending time with your family members will help you to feel more deeply… whether this is a good thing or a bad thing remains to be seen.