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7th January 2020

ARIES: It’s not an ideal time to accomplish things cooperatively. Even so, you’re likely to find yourself in a good position regardless. Learning that you can handle certain things on your own can be empowering.
TAURUS: This can be a day in which interruptions steer you off course temporarily, but it’s rather easy to regain your footing. Changes in schedule may very well lead to new ideas and positive directions.
GEMINI: Changes in plans and distractions may very well lead to new ideas and methods. As well, this is a good day for discovering something new about a special person in your life, for appreciating diversity, and for sharing your personal philosophies with others.
CANCER: Friendships can bring surprises, and perhaps not always pleasant ones. Although you’re itching to make changes, consider them carefully before implementing them. Work and health matters can be in good form much of the day, although you’re very likely to need to redo or iron out problem areas now.
LEO: Loose ends may need tying, and changes of plans are likely. Timing can be a little off today with rebellious, unexpected, and unreliable energy in spots. It’s minor but noticeable. The day can move more quickly than you’d like.
VIRGO: There can be the need to take the lead or to perform today and you’re likely to fare well. Still, you may be on the fence about whether to stick with what you know or to take a risk and stick your neck out. Timing is a little off.
LIBRA: There is a stronger emphasis on learning and communicating today, dear Libra, but some distractions or feelings of unrest as you could feel that you’re in the dark about what’s truly going on. Plans or projects may need some tweaks.
SCORPIO: day in some ways, changes of mind or schedule can lead to fresh new ideas and experiences. There can be sudden awakenings and insights that nudge you into a new position or stance regarding independence in relationships.
SAGITTARIUS: Constructive, physical outlets might help release pent-up emotions today, but it may take quite a bit of trial and error to get there. You may be dealing with defensiveness in others, making it difficult to enjoy healthy, focused conversations.
CAPRICORN: Absent-mindedness can be an issue today,as well as a tendency to speak too soon. Even so, many of the little problems that seem to be tripping you up now are very temporary, and in fact, can lead you to make small changes and adjustments that will genuinely improve your life.
AQUARIUS: There can be a competitive or restless feel to the day, as we can be feeling rather desirous but might find it challenging to fulfill our needs. You may be easily sidetracked, particularly if you try to juggle work and socializing. Others may be pushing your boundaries today.
PISCES: It can be challenging to pinpoint exactly what others want from you in spots today, yet they can still seem to want your attention or push your buttons. There is a tendency to speak too soon or too hastily, and impatience is a possibility.